Should Christians believe in “love at first sight”?

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Love at first sight is a very popular concept, that can be supported by many couples. However, to love someone is to know her/him. And to know someone you need time. Real love takes time to grow and needs trust and understanding to help it reach its full potential. As a rule, the couple’s love experience grows and develops as they nurture it together throughout their lives.

Although some may find themselves strongly attracted at first sight, it is important to reflect upon ones feelings and be careful not to move too fast. Be honest with yourself when determining if your feelings are anything more than just a crush.

Compatibility and sexual attraction are certainly factors that motivate an interest in starting the marital relationship. But this is only the superficial aspect of this relationship. Couples should look deeper into the character of the other person and try to understand how they think.

The Bible, in passages such as 1 Corinthians 13, shows that love is not a passing feeling but it is a choice and a commitment. Godly love grows and endures through adversity. The true nature of things are usually tested by fire and hardship.

Godly love focuses on what is good for the other person as opposed to just one’s self. Man naturally is interested first of all in himself, and frequently that interest overshadows all others; but Christ’s way, the way of love, puts self last and others first (Matt. 5:43–46; 7:12). Love is not a mere passing feeling but a principle that is long lasting and true.

Christians who are contemplating a serious relationship should prayerfully seek the Lord’s wisdom and leading.

In His service,
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