Who was King Hezekiah in the Bible?


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King Hezekiah

King Hezekiah stands as a prominent figure in the biblical narrative, particularly in the Old Testament. His reign is marked by a commitment to righteousness, reforms, and facing formidable challenges. This article delves into his life, exploring his background, achievements, and the significant events that shaped his reign.

Early Life and Ascension to the Throne

Hezekiah, the son of King Ahaz, ascended to the throne of Judah at the age of 25 (2 Kings 18:2). Unlike his father, who engaged in idolatrous practices, he chose a different path, embracing a fervent dedication to the worship of the one true God.

Religious Reforms and Temple Restoration

One of the defining aspects of Hezekiah’s reign was his commitment to religious reforms. Following the evil practices of his father, Hezekiah initiated a thorough purification of the religious practices in Judah. He ordered the removal of idolatrous images, destroyed pagan altars, and reinstated the worship of Yahweh in the Temple of Jerusalem (2 Kings 18:4).

The restoration efforts extended to repairing the Temple itself, which had fallen into a state of neglect. Hezekiah oversaw the refurbishment of the Temple, ensuring that it became a center for genuine worship and reverence (2 Chronicles 29:3-5).

Trust in God during the Assyrian Threat

Hezekiah faced a formidable challenge when the Assyrian Empire, under the leadership of King Sennacherib, launched a military campaign against Judah. In the face of this imminent threat, Hezekiah demonstrated unwavering trust in God.

He sought the counsel of the prophet Isaiah, who reassured him that God would intervene on behalf of Judah. Hezekiah took this message to heart and prayed earnestly for deliverance. In response to his faith, God miraculously intervened, decimating the Assyrian army and saving Jerusalem from destruction (2 Kings 19:35-37).

Healing and Miracles

Hezekiah’s life was marked by miraculous events, including his personal healing. Afflicted by a severe illness, Hezekiah prayed fervently for healing. God responded to his prayer, extending his life by 15 years (2 Kings 20:1-6). This miraculous healing served as a testament to God’s mercy and responsiveness to sincere supplication. And when Hezekiah asks for a sign to God’s promise, the Lord gives him the miracle of turning the shadow on the sundial 10 degrees backwards.

Alliance with Babylon and Prophet Isaiah’s Warning

The heavenly supernatural sign, received the attention of the king of Assyria who heard that the king was sick and sent a convoy with a gift (2 kings 20:1). But Hezekiah instead of seizing the opportunity to give glory to God for his healing and for the sign, he proudly showed the Babylonian convoy all his treasures (verse 13). In response, the prophet Isaiah delivered a stern rebuke, predicting the eventual Babylonian exile of Judah due to this display of wealth and pride (2 Kings 20:12-19).

Death and Legacy

Hezekiah’s reign lasted for 29 years, and he died at the age of 54 (2 Kings 18:2). Despite the warning from Isaiah, the full extent of the Babylonian exile occurred during the reign of his successor, King Manasseh. His life, for most of it, was a faithful stand to the Lord illustrated in his work in reforming his kingdom from idolatry and sin (2 Kings 16:20—20:21; 2 Chronicles 28:27—32:33; Isaiah 36:1—39:8; Jeremiah 15:4; 26:18–19). And the Bible recorded “that after him was none like him among all the kings of Judah, nor who were before him” (2 kings 18:5).


King Hezekiah’s life is full of faith, reform, and divine intervention. His dedication to purifying the worship of God and his trust in divine deliverance during times of crisis exemplify his righteous leadership. However, his later missteps underscore the need to be always humble before God. His story serves as a reminder of the interplay between human choices and God’s providence, offering valuable lessons for those who seek the path of faith and leadership.

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