What’s the definition of a cult?


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The specific Christian definition of a cult is “a religious group that denies one or more of the fundamentals of biblical truths.”

The two most common teachings of cults are that Jesus was not God and that salvation is not by faith alone. Both of these teachings oppose what the Bible teaches clearly:

A denial of the deity of Christ results in Jesusdeath not being a sufficient payment for our sins (Romans 5:17). And a denial of salvation by faith alone results in salvation being achieved by our own works (Romans 3:27).

The most known examples of Christian cults are the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons. Both organizations, though claiming to be Christian, deny the deity of Christ and salvation by faith not works.

Mormonism believe Jesus is the brother of the devil and Jehovah’s Witness believe Jesus is a created being.

There is a simple way to find out if an organization is a cult. Ask the following questions:

• Do you pray to Jesus (Acts 7:55-60; Psalm 116:4 and Zech. 13:9 with 1 Cor. 1:1-2).
• Do you worship Jesus (Matt. 2:2,11; 14:33; 28:9; John 9:35-38; Heb. 1:6)
• Do you consider Jesus as God (John 20:28; Heb. 1:8).

In cult theologies, Jesus is a creation. He is not to be prayed to, worshiped, or called God. A cultist has a false Jesus, and, therefore, a false hope of salvation.

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This answer is also available in: हिन्दी

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