The Top 10 Most Viewed Answers of 2021


By BibleAsk Team

From the millions of views gets from viewers, here are the top 10 most viewed questions and answers in 2021 on

#1 – How far did the Magi travel to see Jesus?

#2 – Who wrote the book of Job?

#3 – How did the 12 disciples die?

#4 – Does the Quran instruct to kill the non-Muslims?

#5 – When did God first allow people to eat meat?

#6 – What’s the age of Isaac when he was offered as a sacrifice?

#7 – What are the heavenly books according to the Bible?

#8 – Was Satan once a glorious angel in Heaven?

#9 – How many chapters are there in the Bible?

#10 – Will we eat and go to restrooms in heaven?

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