Is it a sin to eat too much?


By BibleAsk Team

Is it a Sin to Eat Too Much?

Some wonder: is it a sin to eat too much? the Bible says in Proverbs 23:2, “And put a knife to thy throat, if thou be a man given to appetite.” It was the indulgence of appetite which introduced sin into the human family in the garden of Eden (Genesis 3:6). By giving way on this point of physical indulgence and appetite, Adam and Eve fell.

The antediluvian world suffered from the same weakness. Jesus said, “As it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the coming of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they were given in marriage” (Luke 17:26, 27). Jesus was talking about the excess of eating and how the eating and drinking had been turned into an occasion of sin and gluttony.

When Jesus came to rescue the world, He had to overcame this same point of appetite. Jesus, the second Adam, had to fast 40 days to overcome the lusts of the flesh where Adam and Eve fell so that by His victory, believers may obtain grace over this weakness (Matthew 4:1-4).

The Laws of Health

The body is to be taken care of, preserved and maintained according to the rules of health. Food and drink are of major importance in relation to the preservation of health. Many illnesses that afflict mankind are due to errors in diet and overeating. God requires men to care for their bodies and to keep them fit to be temples of His Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19, 20).

The ancient Israelites were assured that God would preserve them in health if they would obey His instructions (Exodus 15:26; Deuteronomy 7:12–15). This God will do for His children today if they will follow His instructions and take into their bodies only those things that are in harmony with His laws (Genesis 1:29; 3:18; Leviticus 11:2–31; Ecclesiastes 10:17; 1 Corinthians 10:6).

Self Control

Sadly, many people follow their appetites in matters of eating and drinking. They live to eat (1 Corinthians 15:32; 10:7) and “their god is their stomach” (Philippians 3:19). The Bible teaches that human beings are to exercise a measure of self-control and self-denial when it comes to the indulgence of the appetite (Proverbs 28:7; Romans 13:14). The apostle Paul wrote, “I have the right to do anything…but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but I will not be mastered by anything” (1 Corinthians 6:12).

Therefore, we are admonished not to eat too much. The Bible teaches, “Do not join those who drink too much wine or gorge themselves on meat, for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags” (Proverbs 23:20,21). And whether we eat or drink we should do all things to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31).

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