What is ProofDirectory? (Now BibleAsk.org)

Author: BibleAsk Team

NOTE: We updated the name from ProofDirectory to BibleAsk – the name of the current ministry/website. This post has been updated since.

What is ProofDirectory?

ProofDirectrory was a founded in 2007 as a ministry dedicated to provide proof for God’s existence. The original website was simple, and hosted articles and videos on this topic. Later in 2009, we hosted a forum that grew quick. On the forum, we noticed a lot of our time was dedicated to answering Bible questions. It became obvious to us then that we should spend more time dedicated to answering Bible questions. Solo scriptura (by scripture alone) was our philosophy, and since then that’s what we did.

It wasn’t until 2017, however, that we changed from ProofDirectory to BibleAsk, to align with this websites current mission. Since then, we were blessed with receiving tens of thousands of Bible questions. We share some of these questions anonymously online. All our questions shared comply with our privacy policy.

“Have a Bible question? us and receive a personal response back from one of our team members”

Today, we are a non-denominational ministry that seeks to discover and share truth that is backed up by scripture (see about us). If you have found evidence from the Bible that contradicts anything we’ve shared online, please contact us and we will respond. We appreciate all your questions, comments, support and gratitude that is helping this ministry to grow.

In His service,
BibleAsk Team

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