Does science explain the origin of the universe?


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Science, the Evolutionist and the Origin of the Universe

The material universe shows that every physical effect must have an adequate antecedent or simultaneous cause based on the law of Cause and Effect or the law of Causality. “Every material effect must have a cause that came before it (or was simultaneous to it) and is greater than it. The universe is a material effect, therefore, the universe must have a cause that came before it and was greater than it.”

In explaining the origin of the universe, the evolutionist contradicts the law of Cause and Effect when he presents the naturalistic perspective known as the Big Bang theory. The evolutionist claims that 14 billion years ago all of the matter and energy in the universe was concentrated in a tiny ball of matter that exploded, causing the formation of galaxies throughout the universe.

Here is how the atheistic scientist explains the origins of the universe:

-Stephen Hawking stated on national television in 2011, “Nothing caused the Big Bang.” “Curiosity: Did God Create the Universe?” (2011), Discovery Channel, August 7. In the book, The Grand Design that Dr. Hawking co-authored, he and Leonard Mlodinow asserted: “Bodies such as stars and black holes cannot just appear out of nothing. But a whole universe can” (2010, p. 180).

-Todd Friel in 2006 asked Dan Barker, one of America’s leading atheists, “Do you really believe that something came from nothing?” Barker responded with a simple, “Yes.” “Wretched: Nothing Made Everything” (2006).

-Brad Lemley, a quantum physicists states, “To the average person it might seem obvious that nothing can happen in nothing. But to a quantum physicist, nothing is, in fact, something.” “Guth’s Grand Guess,” Discover volume 23 (April 2002): 35. “Quantum theory also holds that a vacuum, like atoms, is subject to quantum uncertainties. This means that things can materialize out of the vacuum, although they tend to vanish back into it quickly…this phenomenon has never been observed directly…” Ibid: 38. If we rephrase the above statement to simple language, it will read: “Things appear from nothing and then disappear back into nothing. And nobody has ever seen any of that take place!”

-Heather Couper & Nigel Henbest explain the origins of the universe in even simpler words in their children’s book called The Big Bang: “Our universe probably came into existence not only from nothing, but from nowhere.” Big Bang (DK Publishing, 1997): 9.

Clearly, the evolutionary scientists can’t explain the origin of the universe and their answers contradict the physical laws of the universe. Thus, we can see that the law of Cause and Effect does not support the atheistic evolutionary model, but the creationist models fit into the law of Cause and Effect.

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