Find answers about these celestial beings, some sent from heaven and some not.


Water immersion into a new spiritual birth in Christ. The “how tos” and “whys” answered here.


This ancient and holy Book has been scrutinized and studied for hundreds of years. Find out how it is relevant to our lives today.


Discussion on what God’s people are doing today as it relates to doctrines, practices and worship as compared with Scripture


Learn more about what happens beyond the grave and what we can expect in the future

From Catholics

The Catholic faith has many ideas and practices which bring up many questions. Here, we look to Scripture to answer these

From Muslims

Our Muslim friends bring up questions regarding the faith of the Bible which are answered here


Our Creator and Redeemer is a complex and eternal being. Here we scratch the surface on what the Bible says about our amazing God


Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Who are they and what does the Bible say about them?


The Bible has much to say about our health, physically and spiritually. Read more to find out


What does the Bible have to say about our home beyond the sky. Here we see what the future holds for those who dwell there now and in the future


Savior, Redeemer and Friend. Look here to find out more about the member of the Godhead who is both God and Man.


The law of any government reflects the character of the ones who runs it. Let us see here a better picture of God in His law


There are often questions that just come up when studying the Bible. They may seem off the wall, but it’s surprising how many we have asked ourselves


The Bible has much insight into how to best live our lives and make wise decisions. Look here for answers on a variety of these questions


Deep thoughts and ponderings often lead us to wonder about life and its meaning. Here we answer questions related to the theoretical and metaphysical realm


The Bible makes amazing predictions about the future, some which have already occurred and some to take place in the future. Read more about how the Bible has shown itself to be a reliable forecaster


The theory of the rapture is a relatively new concept to Christianity and with it has brought up thoughts and questions mentioned here


The Bible here provides practical answers to many questions regarding relationships of all types: dating, marriage, friendships and more.


What does the Bible have to say about this specific day and its relevance in today’s world


Questions on how to obtain and keep salvation answered with Scripture


The Bible has much to say about the observable natural world and its origin. Here we see scientific answers straight from Scripture

Second Coming

This world changing event is surrounded with many questions answered here


Here we take a deeper look at the meaning and context around verses that may need some more historical information or to be explained with other parts of Scripture