Your Footprints on the Life of a Child

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Restore a Child is pleased to announce the launching of our new web-based program, Sponsor a Child. (Learn how to sponsor a child at the end of this post)

When a child lives on the streets and wonders, “Does anyone really care?” When children die daily from starvation and a child cries out, “Does anyone really care?” When children live in the shadows, off the radar screen, “Does anyone really care?” When a whole generation becomes an Orphan Generation, “Does anyone really care?”

I say, “Yes! You do! You, our precious Restore a Child donors, have proven that you care. Thank You. You are leaving your footprints on the life of a child, your last legacy for generations and for eternity.

It is in this situation, right here and now, that Restore a Child uplifts by serving and loving this forsaken generation. We must be intentional and urgent in doing what Christ commands each of us to do – take care of those in need – especially the children. Whether we know about it or turn a blind eye to their plight, we are responsible for these orphans’ welfare and end – we ARE our brother’s keeper. Everyone is our neighbor. This kind of disinterested, impassioned benevolence can be measured only with eternal currency.

The Orphan Generation is a unique generation with unique stories, living in poverty and obscurity; yet they are Real children with Real needs, children with scars visible and invisible. There are 150 to 200 million orphans in our world. Everyone is a real person with a face and a name. God sees and knows each one. Every time you give $1 a day, a child wins and you help win that child’s heart for God. That you choose to restore a child through us is an honor and privilege for the glory of God.

Through Restore a Child’s new Sponsor a Child program, you have a chance to change the direction of a child’s life. Never underestimate the impact of your care. Who they become is evidence of your love. You can be sure your gift of $1 a day gives them the hope and life they too deserve – because “You have done it unto ME….”

Restore a Child needs Legacy partners. Our question to you is: How lasting will your legacy be? We are accountable to God if we do not give you a chance to participate in our Sponsor a Child program that we are launching on our web this month of July 2012. It is not only our social and moral responsibility, it is our “sacred duty” to uplift and restore marginalized children. Restore a Child today. Give them a future NOW. This moment is yours to choose. We can’t say, “We didn’t know.” We can say in deed, “Here I am. Let me help you up,” instead of looking back and say, “I wish.”

Thank you for choosing to Sponsor a Child TODAY. Celebrate God’s gift of your life by imparting life to another. You’ll never be the same – and neither will the child.

Norma Nashed
President and Founder

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