Will people actually stand before God in judgment?

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Will people actually stand before God in judgment?

So Robert is asking, when the Bible says that God will tell sinners to depart from me, does it mean that people will actually stand before God after God exposed?

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Mean answer is yes and maybe not. And literally time. In a sense, we all stand before the judgment seat of God. We are our books, our records and all that are in front of God and our cases before God. But when we stand before God, there’s going to be this time, for example, when we’re talking about the wicked after the millennium when the wicked have been resurrected. So now everybody who ever lived at one time are all alive. And these wicked people surround the holy city. So I’m speaking from Revelation 20. So you could go back, read Revelation 20. They surround the holy city, and it’s at this time then where just before they, or they attempt to attack, and then God intervenes and then they are judged. This is when they’re standing before God. And it’s sort of at this time when Jesus would probably tell the wicked or these people who are going to be stunned, why am I not inside the Holy city? Why am I outside of it? Jesus will show to them, like, I never knew you. We never had a true relationship. You never love people, you never love me.

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