Why were the disciples going to Emmaus?



Judy I absolutely love love that story and that story’s found in Luke chapter 24. And so falling kind of again like Tina mentioned the good secrets of events of Jesus just rose from the from the dead then it goes into this story about the road to Emmaus and not only do I love that story but I love that question because it shows to me that Judy you are reading your Bible and studying in a way that elicits curiosity and desire to know more and so again I just love that question because it tells me you’re reading and while you’re reading you are curious and saying well why the road to Emmaus why did they go there and the Bible again the source of our truth we will look at what what it tells us what information does it give us as to why going to Emmaus or why leaving Jerusalem a kind of flip version of that same question and so I’m gonna turn my Bible here to Luke chapter 24 and I would encourage anyone joining us to also use their Bible and this might be a longer response because of the fact that some of the answers that we see in the Bible are not directly given
immediately and I think sometimes the purpose of that is God really trying to take us on a journey to see and to see the underlying what I like to think about is like digging for treasure finding the gold mines beneath the surface and so this is found in Luke chapter 24 the full story is found in verses 13 onward to about verse 35 but for the sake of time we won’t read verse by verse but I’ll just kind of highlight key verses that again answer this question of why go to a mess and so we’ll start in verse 13 it says now behold two of them were traveling that same day to a village called Emmaus which was about seven miles from
Jerusalem and so one kind of using some Bible study techniques is we just start observing what the text
tell us and the text starts off by saying now behold which actually gives us an indication that this is linked to something prior but this isn’t a story that stands alone that we have to look back on the context and so rewinding a little bit and looking in our Bibles we see that the context in chapter 24 verses 1 to 12 tells us again about Jesus’s resurrection and I want to highlight a few verses so it tells us that Jesus rose and the women are there and two angels show up and they tell the women in verse six he is not here but is risen and a key word here it says remember how he spoke to you when he was still in Galilee they were telling them remember his words remember that he told you that he was going to rise the third day and verse 8 says and they remembered his words and because they remembered they believed that he had risen and they rushed over to tell the others and the other disciples and the Apostles how did they respond verse 11 says and their words seemed to them like idle tales and they did not believe them and so we see here that the context to which the road to Emmaus story is picking up is the women believing that the Apostles not believing the women believe because they remembered his words but the Apostles did not believe and so now it says now behold verse 13 again two of them then being part of apostles
were traveling that same day to a village called Emmaus and so it doesn’t exactly say yet why Emmaus but it does give us the context that they were leaving Jerusalem because they didn’t believe what had just happened there was a great event that just happened in Jerusalem very great Jesus just rose from the dead but because they didn’t believe it was okay for them to to leave they were not interested they were not they did not believe in what just happened and so they left whether or not to go home some people believe that it’s because of them going home after the Passover some
you know maybe it’s going to to go visit friends but when I think there’s why the Bible doesn’t say why they’re exposing it’s more because why they left they didn’t believe and we see that because as we continue on with the verses you notice that the Bible emphasizes their disbelief so let’s continue it says in verse 14 that they talked together so they’re on the road and they talk together of all these things which had happened all these things being all the then two happened prior Jesus dying jesus being risen but them not believing the women telling them that he had risen and it says that they were having they’re talking about these things and while they conversed and reasoned that Jesus himself drew near and went with them I love this verse saying that Jesus himself was walking with him but they didn’t know it was Jesus it says that their eyes were restrained in 4:16 so that they did not know him and so he’s talking with them I love how Jesus is personal here he says what kind of conversation is this that you have with one another as you walk and are sad so they’re sad why because they didn’t believe they just they saw Jesus died but they didn’t believe that he had risen they’re sad and you know they respond our youth only stranger in Jerusalem have you not known the things which happened there in these days they’re kind of asking like you know Jesus they didn’t know is Jesus quite yet but you know you didn’t know what just happened these great things and he said to them verse 19 what things and we said to him the things concerning Jesus of Nazareth of Nazareth who was prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people a prophet but not
necessarily believing him as Messiah that would rise from the dead and how the chief priests and our rulers
delivered him to be condemned to death and crucified him again then believing in his death but not in his resurrection verse 21 is kind of sad it says but we were hoping that it was he who was going to redeem Israel indeed besides all this today in the third day since these things happened
and so again their disbelief that Jesus was not risen from the dead and it goes on to say and then the women came and they told us right yes and certain women verse 22 of our company who arrived to the tomb early astonished us when they did not find his body they came saying that they had also seen a vision of angels who said he was alive and certain of those who were with us went to the tomb and found it was just as the women had said but him they did not see so they believed the story of Jesus not being there but they didn’t believe that he had risen and out of this whole conversation what does Jesus respond in verse 25 he says to them o foolish ones and slow of heart to keyword believe believe in all that the prophets have spoken again coming back to this theme of disbelief no foolish one slow of heart to believe not the Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into his glory and beginning at Moses and all the prophets meaning he opens scripture to them he expounded to them all the Scriptures the things concerning himself he gave them a Bible study saying remember all these things the same way the Angels told the women do you
remember his words Jesus does the same thing brings them back to his words bring brings them back to scripture so that they could believe and it says as he did that as he gave that Bible study it says that they drew near to a village where they were going and the inner key that he would have to go further but they constrained him saying abide with us stay with us there’s something in them that drew them to him even not knowing yet that it was Jesus and it says that he sat with them verse 30 I’m kind of jumping forward he sat at the table with them that he took bread blessed and broke it and gave it to them bread often we see in the Bible symbolic for God’s Word so we see that he breaks bread again with the theme of a Bible study and their eyes after he broke bread it says their eyes in verse 31 were opened
and they knew him they knew him and he been vanished after they knew him he vanished but I love this verse 32 and I hope this is our experience it says they said to one another did not her heart burn within us while he had talked with us on the road and while he opened the scriptures to us so these people these individuals have this personal
experience with Jesus where they went from disbelief to having a one-on-one encounter with Jesus and they said did not our heart burn within us this is a good type of heartburn right they just ate bread but this was not a physical heartburn but a spiritual heartburn because they longed for Jesus and this truth that comforted them they were sad but now they recognized that Jesus truly had risen and so verse 33 it says they rose up that very hour and returned to Jerusalem and found the eleven and those who were with them gathered there and they said the Lord is risen indeed and that and has appeared to Simon and they told about the things that had happened on the road and how he was known to them in the breaking of bread again with the bread so going back to the question of why the road to Emmaus what we see here is it’s not really about the destination often as
Christians we get very focused on the destination because as we know it’s not about the destination we see that they return right verse 33 they return to Jerusalem so it wasn’t about them going to mass they were leaving Jerusalem because they didn’t believe what had happened but when they recognized that it was true they returned to Jerusalem so that speaks to me that there are Emmaus is in my life places I run to because I’m sad places that I leave because of disbelief where God wanted to keep them in Jerusalem to proclaim the truth but they did not yet believe and so as their journey as their spiritual walk was you know a little shaky God had to reveal himself through Jesus a personal way so that they could have their belief in him be personal through the Scriptures through Bible study that they had the
chill experience of their heart burning with them them that then that drew them back to Jerusalem so it’s not about why a meais it’s why leave Jerusalem why out of our own disbelief leave the place that God calls us to and run away to a place where you know out of sadness or disbelief or running to so I think again not why it Emmaus but what are the mazes are in our lights and what are we running from instead of running to Amen that is really a very profound and deep answer I really appreciate that and I think that’s just so beautiful the whole story of Emmaus and the deeper meaning of it and I love how Jesus like you’re saying is giving them a Bible study because that’s what draws them back to him and and brings them hope and you know it’s just interesting that Jesus had told them prior back in John chapter 539 that you know search the scriptures for they testify of me and had they you know kept those scriptures in mind I wonder if there would have been a road to Emmaus but you know God is so good that he he meets us where we’re at and he just desires to bring us back to him through his truth and through his love and so we’re so thankful Katie that you blessed us today with these wonderful Bible answers and if anyone listening or watching has a Bible question that they would like answered here on this show please feel free to come to our website at Bible ask or RG forward slash ask and just when you put your question in make sure you check yes I would like it answered on the show and we’ll get to hopefully answer it as soon as possible so we wish you all a blessed day and continue to study God’s Word thank you so much goodbye

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