Why was Isaac closer to Esau than Jacob?

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[Why was Isaac closer to Esau than Jacob?]

So mark is asking why was Esau closer to Ishmael than his brother Jacob. So first I want to make sure we’re clear that. I think they were talking about Isaac. Isaac was the father of Esau and Jacob not Ishmael. So, just with that clarification there’s – I got three reasons why i can guess um that esau was a closer of the sons to his father um reason number three was that esau technically was the oldest even though jacob and isa were twins born minutes apart esau was the oldest so he was more favored by tradition if you look at deuteronomy 21 17 for example it talks about the eldest son getting a double portion and and there’s just a lot there yeah it’s it’s that big deal the firstborn son you know jesus is sometimes you know said he’s like sort of the equivalent of a firstborn just really important stature then if we go to um the second reason why is because esau was a manly man you know he just like the type of guy would go oh yeah i would be like him right that sort of man who was a hunter he was um burly whereas jacob moore hung out with the women and did just household stuff so we see this in genesis 25 17 it says so the boys grew and esau was a skillful hunter a man of the field but jacob was a mild man dwelling in tents and then if we go to uh genesis 27 22 to 23 it says so jacob went near to isaac his father and he felt him that this is when jacob was pretending to be esau um and and isaac says you know the voice is jacob’s voice but the hands are of esau and he didn’t recognize him because jacob’s hands were hairy like his brother’s esau so yeah just not even just uh how he acted esau was also just this burly hairy guy um and so as he gets as jacob gets closer to his father to imitate esau he’s wearing esau’s clothes and he has uh goat hair on him just to impersonate him and uh in verse 27 it says and he jacob came near and kissed him his father and the father smelled the smell of his clothing and blessed him and said surely this is the smell of my son thick in his esau it is like the smell of a field which the lord has blessed therefore may god give you of the dew of the heaven and of the fatness of the earth and he blessed them for that reason um then number one reason number one reason and this one’s 100 not guessing is uh is you know you hear the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach well that was the case with isaac genesis 25 28 it says isaac left esau because he ate of his game you know the the animals that he shot but rebecca loved jacob uh and if we go to genesis 27 verses 3 to 4 this is when isaac at first called in esau to speak with him and and this is isaac speaking he says no therefore please take your weapons your quiver your bow and go out to the field and hunt game for me and make me savory food because i love but you know such as i love and bring it to me that i may eat that my soul may bless you before i die so yeah jacob sorry isaac was a huge fan of of the food and the animals um that were shot and killed by esau and so all these factors i think really just contributed to why in in isaac’s eyes this was kind of like almost like the ideal sun when when in reality esau was a very flawed person not walking in the way of the lord and it just shows you isaac didn’t have really the right priorities there so dina what do you think 100 agree that was a good summary yeah and it makes sense like you know like a tough strong dad wants to have a strong boy and so it made sense why esau was favored um as opposed to you know jacob who’s a little bit of mama’s boy it seemed but you know god you know doesn’t care about how things look i i and that’s i think the beauty of the story is our father god loves us no matter what whether we’re you know what our parents expectations are or not so you

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