Why didn’t God choose Abraham instead of Job?

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So Steflin is requesting an answer to if Abraham and Job lived at approximately the same time, why didn’t God choose the former as his example of faith to Lucifer instead of Job?

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That is an interesting question, my friend. And I guess the biggest part of the answer that I want to share with you is that I don’t believe Abraham and Job lived during the same time at all. So I know that there’s some debate about when Job was around. Abraham is a little more clear because it’s 400 years basically before the time where the Israelites were under in slavery in Egypt. So we have a little bit of a background as to kind of when Abraham was on Earth, but Job is a little bit more mysterious. We don’t have a very clear answer, and there’s a lot of debate. Some people actually believe that Job was pre flood. They believe that he was from the Orient and somewhere in that part of the world. And so he actually was just a righteous man way back before Noah, so obviously way before Abraham. So there’s a lot of uncertainty about that. But what some historians do believe is that Abraham was born about 2000 BC. But Job was more like around 1700 BC. Which is about 300 years later. So there’s some debate about that. So whether or not you’re pre flood or post flood, job job still does.

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It seem to be around the time of Abraham, for one. And the second thing is, I wonder if you think that they’re around the same time because Job is from the land of Uz that you see in Job, chapter one, verse one, while Abraham, which his name before Abraham was abram, is from the land of Ur. And you see that in the book of Genesis 15. So I wonder if that could be kind of the confusion there. But I don’t think that Job and Abraham were alive at the same time. And so I think that’s probably why Abraham wasn’t presented at the council as somebody that God was, like, hey, look at this person as a source of looking at the character of God as a righteous person. But I would say that if Abraham was around that time, john has his reasons. And I think the thing with Job and his story that we kind of touched on earlier a little bit, job, I think that God allowed that whole event to happen to him because there was still something in Job’s heart that God wanted to make even more perfect. He will perfect that which concerns me.

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And so we know that God doesn’t ever he doesn’t waste our pain. He doesn’t just allow things for no reason. And I really think that the story of Job, you see, Job really come to terms with, am I really right with God? And if I am really right with God, why did God allow these things to happen to me? And Jobs comes to a point where he goes, you know what? I didn’t sin. But I do see in Jobs arguments in the book of Job where his friends are like, you sinned. That’s why all these bad things are happening to you. And Job said, No, I did not. Here’s all my righteous things that I’ve done. Like, there’s no sin in me. And like it says in Job, he says, Though God slay me, yet will I trust in Him? But he says, Yeah, I will maintain my own righteousness. And so he was believing he was righteous in his own eyes. And I think he had to come to a place of humility, saying, god, even though I might not be a big sinner, I still need you. I still need a savior. And he says, I repent in dust and ashes.

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And so I think that he may have had some spiritual pride there. Even though he was righteous, he did everything right. He might have had some pride about how righteous he was. And so God used the opportunity to perfect Job’s character, to make him an even more righteous person, more humble, and Godly person, and God blessed him the rest of his life. So I think that sometimes God just does what he does because he knows what’s best. His ways are higher than our ways. And we see in the life of Abraham, abraham had his own struggles. And who’s to say that Abraham didn’t come up in the council that’s just maybe not written about it’s? Like, does Abraham really trust you? Yeah, he’s going to trust me for that, son, until his old age, and he’s going to command his household after me. So I would just say God has his reasons, but I don’t think that they lived at the same time, but, yeah. I hope that answers your question.

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