Who were the family of fallen angels kicked out of heaven?

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So Connie is asking, who was the family of fallen Angels kicked out of heaven?


So as far as this group of people getting kicked out of these Angels, the Bible is pretty clear as to you who these are. In Revelation, chapter twelve depicts basically the great controversy of a vowel between Michael, who again, like we said last week, would be Jesus against the devil. And we see again Revelation chapter twelve, verse three. Basically this vision John has says, and there appeared in wonder in heaven, and to hold a great red Dragon having seven heads and ten horses and seven crowns upon his head.


And in verse four, it says something very interesting, and his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the Earth. And the Dragon stood before the woman, which was ready to be delivered for to devour her child as soon as it was born. And then we know that this Dragon is the devil and that these stars are his Angels, as you see in verse seven. So if you go down to Revelation twelve, verse seven, it says, and there was war in heaven.


Michael and his Angels fought, and the Dragon fought in his Angels eight and prevailed.


Not neither was there any place left anymore in heaven. And in verse nine, this is basically the conquest of it. So the great Dragon was cast out, that serpent of old to call the devil and Satan who decedes the whole world. He was cast out to the Earth and his Angels were cast out with him. So basically the third of the Angels of heaven were cast out.


And it’s really interesting because when you look at Revelation chapter twelve, where it’s saying that his tail drew a third of the stars. Basically, if you go to Isaiah chapter nine, verse 15, the Bible kind of makes it clear what this means. The devil basically using his tail to draw a third of the Angels of heaven. In Isaiah 915, it says, the ancient and honorable who would be God is the head and the Prophet that teaches lies. He is the tail.


So basically it was through lies or deceit or deception that the devil deceived a third of the Angels of heaven, and they were all cast down to the Earth. And those are the demons that are in our world today. Sadly, but we know thank God that the devil and his Angels, those evil Angels that then God is preparing a judgment for them so that they will be destroyed and they’ll never be able to hurt anybody again. So that’s that group that was cast out of heaven with the devil was just a third of God’s former Angels who were deceived by the devil.

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