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Who was Asenath in the Old Testament?


Asenath was the wife of Joseph, Jacob’s son. After Pharaoh elevated Joseph to the highest office under the crown, He gave him an Egyptian name and an Egyptian wife. She was a woman from one of the most well-known priestly families (Genesis 41:45). The name Asenath means, “belonging to [the goddess] Neith.” In so doing, Pharaoh tried to raise Joseph’s honor and reputation by this marriage, since some of the kings themselves took their brides from priestly families.

The name of Asenath’s father’s is identical to the name of Joseph’s former master (Genesis 37:36; 41:45), with a little variation in the Hebrew transliteration of the names. Joseph’s former master was commander of the royal bodyguard, whereas his father-in-law was high priest of On, the city of the great sun temple which was a located few kilometers from Memphis on the eastern bank of the Nile. Joseph’s social position was greatly fortified by his union to a daughter of one of Egypt’s first families.

Joseph’s strong allegiance to God led his Egyptian wife to convert to his religion as she saw the miracles of God that were done in his life. For it was clear that the Lord who highly raised him from the prison had also preserved him in his high and esteemed position of honor and gave him success in all that he did.

Joseph and his wife Asenath had a godly family, they had two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, who they raised in the Hebrew religion. We know this since they were made heads of two tribes of Israel and placed in equality with their uncles, the brothers of Joseph.

God had turned the life of Joseph around. His chains were exchanged for a gold bracelet, the prisoner’s rags for kings clothing, and his prison house for a palace. How true the words of the Bible that says, “humility comes before honor” (Proverbs 18:12). Slavery and pain paved the way to ruler-ship and honor. God rewarded his faithful child greatly for his loyalty and steadfast trust.

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