Who is king of the South according to Daniel 11?

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The prophecy of Daniel 11 focuses on the two kingdoms rising from Alexander’s empire that dealt with the Jews and extend to the time of the end. These were Syria in the North of Jerusalem, ruled by the Seleucids (Muslim Turks), and Egypt in the south, ruled by the Ptolemies.

The original Greek translation has “king of Egypt” for “king of the south.” And verse 8 also points to Egypt as king of the south. In addition, historical sources give a similar reference. For example: a famous south Arabian inscriptions (Glaser No. 1155) writes about a war between Persia and Egypt and calls the honorable kings the Lord of the North and the Lord of the South.

The focal point that deals with the end time is Daniel 11:40-45. Dr. Adam Clarke the notable Bible commentator says, “We must look to Turkey to fulfill the movement predicted in this verse.” How did Turkey become important to Islam? Since the death of Mohammed, AD 622, his followers, were under no general civil government. Gibbon the Bible commentator refers to them as “this shipwreck of nations.” But the first king who recognized those tribes into a government was Osman, afterward called Othman (Ottoman-Turks).

This rise and progress of Mohammedanism was also predicted in the ninth chapter of the Revelation. The first incursions of these hordes are described in verses 1-3. The beginning of Othman’s reign is noted in the 11th verse, where it is stated that “they had a king over them.” From this point the Ottoman Empire began to fulfill its mission as one of the scourges of the corrupt Roman Empire – the destroyer of the Greek or Eastern portion of it, ruled from Constantinople.

Today, the Ottoman Empire is being re- established with their Caliphate headquartered in Turkey. The Caliphate is the same to Islam as the Papacy is to Catholicism. These two powers that received their deadly wounds (Papacy in 1798 and Ottoman Muslim Empire in 1918-1920) are now healing and rising to power. The Muslim Brotherhood, instigated by the Papacy, is working to unite all Islamic nations. When this is accomplished, they will try to take the whole world for Allah.

The complete fulfillment of of Daniel 11:40-45 will take place when the king of the North (Turks and surrounding Arab Muslim countries), along with all that oppose God moved by the Antichrist (Papacy), will attack God’s people (Revelation 14:12) and will finally get destroyed at the battle of Armageddon by the second coming of Christ.

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This page is also available in: हिन्दी (Hindi)

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