Who is Jesus Christ for you?

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God created Adam and Eve and gave them the right to choose good or evil. God’s law stated that those that sin must die. Adam and Eve sinned and were, therefore, sentenced to death. In His great mercy, God planned to save them and their descendants (me) from death by sending His Son Jesus Christ to bear their punishment.  Any person that accepts Christ’s death on his behalf and live a holy life, will be saved from death. But those that don’t accept Christ’s death on their behalf will have to die for their own sins.

God gave the prophets prophecies foretelling the coming of Jesus Christ the Savior of mankind, thousands of years before the coming of the Messiah. These prophecies predicted His mission and how he was going to suffer and shed His blood to redeem mankind. One of my favorite prophecies gives the very exact date of the year for Christ’s baptism and crucifixion, 600 years before it actually happen. God wanted to let everyone in the world to have enough evidence to believe in Christ and accept Him as their Savior. God also gave Christ the power to raise the dead and heal the sick. Finally, Jesus was resurrected from the dead and many that saw Him testified to this fact.

To me, the story of the incarnation of Jesus Christ is the greatest love story ever. It shows me how the Creator of the universe loved His created beings to the point of sacrifice. There is no greater love than that. God’s love and God’s justice were fully fulfilled at the Cross. Our God is infinitely loving as much as He is infinitely just. God can do no more to save me. All I need to do is to accept His love and follow Christ and walk as He walked by His grace.

In His service,
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