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Who hid 100 Prophets in a cave?

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So Ena is asking who hid 100 Prophets in a cave? Well, that is a wonderful question. I would love to answer that, if you don’t mind this story. It’s actually found in One Kings, chapter 18. So if you want to go there with me to First Kings, chapter 18. And the direct answer to your question is found in verse four. But before we dive into the verse, I just want to give you a little bit of background. So the story here is during the time of the Prophet Elijah. Now, Elijah was the Prophet of Israel, and the country of Israel at that time was in a state of apostasy. There was a King named Ahab, and he was married to Jezebel, who was basically she was a witch and she was a pagan. She worshiped other gods. There were so many evil and wicked things that she did. Now, the thing was what made it even worse, not only was she wicked, like, she didn’t mind slaughtering people and persecuting God’s people, but she was married to the King of Israel. And this was a sin on the part of Ahab because he was supposed to be a Jew.

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He was supposed to be a follower of the true God, yet he married himself to a pagan woman who hated God and hated God’s people. And she had brought so much sin and wickedness and idol worship into Israel and basically corrupted the nation. And Elijah spoke against her, and God caused the rain to stop for three years. And basically everything was dying. There was a drought. People were starving. It was a really bad situation that was going on. Now, basically because of this, this didn’t cause a habit Jesse Bell to go, we need to turn back to God so that God will have mercy on us and give us back the reign. Rather, they became more angry with God and more rebellious, which just showed the true nature of their heart. And so, you see, after this happened, the woman Jezebel actually sent out to kill God’s prophets. And in the midst of this, during that time, where it was basically very dangerous to be a Prophet of God, you have a man named Obadiah, and you read about him in One Kings 18, verse four. So let’s go ahead and read that first. And the Bible says it was while Jezebel massacred the prophets of the Lord that Obadiah had taken 100 prophets and hidden them 50 to a cave and had fed them with bread and water.

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So the answer here in the verse is, basically the man was Obadiah, that was, who saved 100 of God’s prophets during this time when it was very dangerous to be a Prophet of God, yet God preserved them through this man Obadiah. And it’s just a beautiful story to see how this man was brave and did what was right, even though it was dangerous for him to do so. It would have cost him his head, but he valued God. It says that he actually feared the Lord exceedingly. And so because of his fear to God and his honor to God, he saved the lives of these men. I think that pretty much answered it. Unless you guys have anything else to share.

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I got a question.

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So there’s a book of the Bible called Obadiah. Is this the same Obadiah we’re talking about?

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That’s a good question, to be honest. I don’t think so. Let me look at blue letter Bible. But I don’t believe so. Because if I’m not mistaken, the book of Obadiah because this Obadiah occurred during the time of Elijah, which was quite a bit prior to the destruction of Babylon. And if I’m not mistaken, the book of Obadiah is talking about is around that time.


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Yeah, and I agree. While you look that up, the Obadiah mentioned in the story you just spoke about, he’s not referred to as a profit. My guess would be they’re different people altogether. And I wonder if the questioner is wondering that too.

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You’re right. And that’s a good question. So the man that saved the 100 profits is Obadiah, which was during the time of Elijah. But the Obadiah that wrote the book of Obadiah is a different one. Just like there’s multiple John’s in the Bible. There’s multiple Judases. There’s multiple Joshua’s. Actually Jesus name is. Yeshua. Which is the same name in Hebrew? Yeshua. Several Daniels. There’s a lot of people with the same name in the Bible. So that is a really valid question. But no, the author of the book of Obadiah is different than the Obadiah he mentioned in one. Kings 18.

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