John said, “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day”. Which day was it?

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All right, so we get our next question up here. So Sylvan is asking when John said I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, which was it?

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So Sylvan, I love this question because a lot of people have made presumptuous things I’d say about this. But I think you, you really have to look at the Bible and be very clear about what the Bible says when it talks about anything, obviously in the book of Revelation. So the verse you’re quoting is Revelation, chapter one, verse ten, which says I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day and I heard behind your loud voice as of a trumpet. And then John goes on to speak about how he had this interaction with Jesus. And so when you think about in the Bible, where does God say this is my day? Specifically Jesus? If you go to the book of Matthew, chapter twelve, verse eight, it’s very, very clear what Jesus says. This is for the Son of man. Jesus is Lord even of the Sabbath. And again, it’s reiterated in the book of Mark, chapter two, verse 28, that Jesus is also Lord of the Sabbath day. So it says, when I was there on the Lord’s day, what other day would that be? Would be the Sabbath, the 7th day Sabbath which God established at creation in Genesis, chapter two, verses two and three, where it says, you know, for and in that day God hallowed it and made it holy.

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And so it would definitely be the Sabbath day. Some people have said, oh, this is Sunday, that’s the Lord’s day. And I have to respectfully disagree with you because I don’t see anywhere in Scripture where God says he’s Lord of the first day of the week or of Sunday in any way, shape or form. And the only other place where it talks about a day being the Lord’s is in Malachi, chapter four, verse five, talking about the dreadful and fearful day of the Lord where Jesus comes. So that would be the second coming. And we know that this was not the second coming, this was just the revelation. Jesus telling a prophecy to John to share to his people, because like it says in chapter 22, that this day is at hand, that Jesus is coming soon. Basically, we need to get ready for that time. So, yeah, I would say the Lord’s day is the Sabbath because Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath. So, yeah. Any other thoughts, guys?

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No. Amen. I think that’s exactly right. Awesome.

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