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When Jesus comes will we be reunited with our Beloved?

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all right here it is so Jack is is asking my wife and i were our true soul mates she was is a born-again Christian and so am i the lord took her home in December 2020. we were are deeply in love shared virtually everything and we’re as close as a married couple can be next to my lord and savior she was is the true love of my life our love grew with the passing of every moment and continued to do so until she went home to be with god next part i can’t put into words even though i am a teacher and writer how much i miss her words would not do justice to the deep pain and grief i feel i deeply miss her every minute of every single day i know she is with Jesus and that i will one day be reunited with her this knowledge is what gets me through each day i just wanted to get your input on this question do you believe as i do and many other christians apparently especially those who deeply loved love their christian spouses who have gone to be with jesus that we will be reunited with our beloved and the next we could get that next question after answer maybe well i guess go ahead and will we have a relationship with them that promises to be even better and more glorious that we what we had here on earth thank you for your time god bless so just wow jack um i cannot imagine losing wendy like that and so what you’re going through is incomprehensible to me and all i can say is god understands what you’re feeling and i do have a little bit of good news for you so first thessalonians four i’m crying start at verse 15. yeah that’s hard because yeah i agree i i would have a hard time if something like that happened to him and i i totally feel you on this jack it’s um it’s hard very hard but and praise god for for the comfort he gives us yeah so first thessalonians 4 verse 15 it says for this we say to you by the word of the lord so this is assured because it comes from the lord that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the lord will by no means precede those who are asleep what does he mean by that for the lord himself jesus will descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of an archangel and with the trumpet of god and the dead in christ will rise first then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together let me repeat that again we will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the lord in the air and thus shall always be with the lord verse 18 therefore comfort one another with these words so these words right here god has spoken for you they’re there for you jack to know that yes if she rests in christ and even whether you rest in christ before it comes or your life when christ comes doesn’t matter we will both meet up all of us will meet up together in the clouds when christ appears again together and with new wonderful glorious bodies and that goes into now your next question is uh and the way you write it is is great will we have a relationship with them that promises to be even better and more glorious than what we have on earth i think you definitely have inspired imagination because so many people want to think in terms of what we have today you know will we have marriage in heaven things of that nature and christ says in matthew 22 30 that the answer is no it says for in the resurrection they neither marry nor give in marriage but are like angels of god in heaven the angels don’t marry they don’t have kids they don’t procreate they don’t do that but they probably have something even better and look at john 17 verse 1 and jesus is giving this prayer to the father and he asks lord that they be one as we as god in this and the son are one uh so john 17 11 john 17 11 so may they be one as we are one and god is praying this prayer for all his people imagine that he wants god’s god wants his people to experience a oneness as the godhead experiences oneness and this is going to be something that i don’t think we can wrap our heads around by any means in this earth we see so much sin we see so much selfishness but imagine a place where everybody just loves to the utmost where everybody sacrifices self is self sacrificing to the utmost and there’s no stealing no sorrow no pain no killing no nothing bad it’s all good and we all love each other and you’re just so excited every time you get to see someone i mean it’s going to be incredible so yes i think as you said there’s something that there definitely is a promise to be even better and more glorious than um than what we can comprehend look forward to those times yeah amen and we we we have many times talked about this and how much you know we would it would be it would be so hard if something happened to one of us and because you know we know how much god worked to bring our bring us together in marriage and how how connected we are and um you know we we kind of comfort each other with the idea that uh when we are there you know we we we may not we won’t be married like we are here but we’re still gonna be best friends and we’re still going to be close and spending a lot of time together because this is a relationship that god has given us here to continue there it’s a blessing that god has given us the experience of marriage because again the angels don’t get experienced that this is a unique experience for us and to experience also sort of the intimacy that the godhead has and and i guess you’re blessed to have experienced it but obviously with the stronger the love the harder the the loss is and but the you know it it’s just a small taste of what is to come and that’s what’s really incredible that what the experience of marriage yeah that what we have here of a good marriage now is as amazing as it is is literally just a morsel just a taste of what we’re going to have in heaven and that’s you know it’s hard for us to comprehend that but that’s that’s what god is telling us and promising us so um we are running out of time this week yeah i’m thinking that we’ll maybe stop here with the questions i know we have a few more but maybe we’ll hold off on those for next week okay i think that’s a good thought and i think this i don’t know if i can answer any questions so jack i just want to tell you uh really quick i totally feel for you and i i think that i appreciate you reaching out to us with this question i think it is um abu i i can just even though i’ve never met you and i’ve never met your beautiful wife i just can sense from this question just how rich and beautiful your relationship and your marriage was and um i just wanna you know close with maybe with one quick promise from the book of revelation uh chapter 21 and verse four i want to try and say this about crying um but it’s just a beautiful promise that i’ve held on to um as you know we’ve we’ve lost loved ones um and this this one is really special to me revelation 21 verse 4 and it says and god shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death nor sorrow nor crying and there shall be no more pain for the former things have passed away and so i just want to encourage you my friend that um god has a place prepared for you and your wife and in that place there will be no more of this separation no more of this pain none of the things of this world we won’t even remember these things and so um i just want to uh pray for you and um just let you know that god has a place prepared and it will be wonderful and more wonderful than anything you could ever imagine here on this earth

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