What were the types of fish in the Bible story of feeding the five thousand?

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It. All right, so Kimberly is asking what were the types of fish that were used in the Bible story feeding the 5000 from the Book of John, six one to 59?

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Do you want me to do that real quick or do you want to do it? I can answer it, like 5 seconds. Sorry about that. I think we had another one in mind. So if you look at the Book of John, chapter six, one through 14, that’s basically the story of the feeding of the 5000. And I love this story, but I won’t read that whole thing. But that’s where you’ll find it is in the Book of John, chapter six, one through 14. And so basically it says, though, in the beginning of this chapter that they were by the Sea of Galilee. And so if you I think actually Jay was the one that sent me a link about the fish of the Sea of Galilee, which was great because it was in harmony with what I’d already looked up as well. And so in the Sea of Galilee, there’s mainly three types of fish that are fished out of there. One is a mushed, which is like a tilapia, which is like a medium, smallish size fish. There’s also carp, which can be kind of bigger, and then also sardines, which, you know, are pretty small, little, tiny fish.

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And so if I was going to take a guess of which type of fish it was, based on, john, chapter six, verse nine, it says he has two small fish. So it was either probably a sardine or a tilapia. And the thing was, though, what makes me think maybe it could have also been a sardine is that sardines were preserved by pickling them. And the fact that this kid had probably been there all day with fish packed as his lunch. It may well have been like a pickled fish or I mean, it could also have been they did also kind of make, like what’s that called? Poached fish, where it’s, like, made into almost like almost like beef jerky or jerky, but made out of fish. So it could have been a tilapia, it could have been a sardine, where the Bible doesn’t say. But if I was going to take an educated guess, I think that would be it. Sam.

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