What was Isaiah’s message to ancient Israel?


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The Message of Isaiah

Israel belonged to God by right of divine selection. They were His elected people in the world. But during the time of the prophet Isaiah, Israel became very discouraged as they feared that God had forsaken them (2 Kings 19:30; Isaiah 37:31; 40:1–5, 5:1–7). Outwardly, there was much of which they could be afraid of. The northern kingdom, Israel, had been destroyed by Assyrian military power, and it appeared that the southern kingdom of Judah could not last longer. The inhabitants could see that the exile of Judah would soon take place by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar.

Consequently, the people were utterly hopeless and were in desperate need of a message of comfort and hope. So, the Lord sought to inspire them with a message of courage and hope through His prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 40:1, 2; 41:13, 14; 44:2). And that He had not cast them off, in spite of their transgressions (Isaiah 42:1; 44:8; 45:4; 55:3; 65:8).

God’s Promise of Hope

God gave His people the promise of the name Immanuel which means “God with us” (Isaiah. 7:14). The Lord would be with His people as they needed Him. This promise was impressively fulfilled in the destruction of Sennacherib’s army. And the Israelites learned that he who fights against the people of God fights against God Himself.

With the help of the Lord the humble and faithful will inherit the earth (Psalms 37:9–11; Matthew 5:5). In fact, complete destruction will be the final destiny of all of God’s enemies (Psalms 37:9; Malachi 4:1). Israel belonged to God, and they can enjoy His leading, power, and protection. The Lord gave them a token of agreement and friendship (Amos 3:3). This is a sign of their covenant relationship with Him

As God reminded the people of Israel at Isaiah’s time of His love, he reminds His children today to have the same hope. He wants them to know that He is their source of help and without Him they are a weak and helpless, to be trampled underfoot (Job 25:6; Psalms 22:6). For He is the Holy One of Israel and their Redeemer.

They may be lost and without hope, but He would perform for them the service of a near kinsman (Leviticus 25:47–49; Ruth 2:20). He will be their Savior (Isaiah 35:9; 43:14; 52:9; 54:5). But in order to receive His grace, they need to have a daily connection with Him through study of the Word and prayer (John 15:4).

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