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By Natalie

What is Truth? What is the Truth? Is There a Truth?

I find myself repeating this question almost everyday when it comes to the news I hear, the information I learn at university, religion, books I read, health tips I learn, conspiracy theories I come across, even television commercials I see, etc… In all aspects of our daily lives, there is a set truth to something. No one likes to be lied to, or deceived.

For instance, have you ever watched a television commercial for car insurance. Sometimes the deals they present sound too good to be true, and I find myself thinking that there has got to be a catch. There is something they’re not saying; they’re not laying the truth flat out. Maybe by nature I doubt certain things and readily accept others, but one has got to ask, where or what is the truth in almost every avenue of life.

Search for the Truth

Sure, if we dig deep enough in any aspect we may arrive to “a” truth, but honestly, who has enough time to search for the truth about everything. I one time tried to search out the truth of whether or not aspartame, an artificial sweetener, was really harmless or not. This search went on for literally months. I found a bunch of scientific articles that said it was harmless, and an equal bunch that said it was hazardous to health. One doctor would present one study, and another a counter study… but as I continued to search and study, I felt more and more convinced of one conclusion. I’m not going to give it out, go search for it yourself if you are that interested in it ;).

Interest is the essence of searching out the truth of a subject at hand. In addition to interest, the factor of curiosity plays a role in searching for truth. Dare I say, curious people are interesting themselves, and are always interested in something. It is this curious interest, and persistence after truth, that has led to the world’s most amazing discoveries.

Seeking the Truth – Your First Priority

But in this time and age, I have found that it is very hard to search out the truth in every single one of our interests. I suppose it is at this point that we start to prioritize. There is a point in everyone’s life when they start to prioritize, that’s when they initially begin to “grow up” but it is a life process after that.

Truly successful people choose their priorities wisely.  Although it is said that everyone is wise in his own eyes, it is plain to see that some people are more successful than others, and these are those who have set their priorities wisely, have sought out the truth that mattered, and are living according to how their success has been.

So going back to my question, What is truth? There is a truth in everything, and it is our privilege to seek after it and most importantly, have the will and strength to apply what we discover. Let our attitude be like the words of Henry David Thoreau, “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” Discover…

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