What is the difference between worldly intimacy and Biblical intimacy?

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So he’s asking, hey, Jay, in a previous live video, you said there was a difference between worldly intimacy and biblical intimacy in love. Could you explain the difference? Thank you.

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Yeah, great question, Robert. Thanks for the chance to further explain. So usually in the worldly sense, when we talk about intimacy, it’s usually in the context, usually, like sexually is often, sexuality is often associated with so physically intimate, but sometimes even in the world, you might talk about two people having an intimate, close relationship. But I say, even when we’re talking about the Bible, though, especially with our relationship to God, it is an intimacy that’s far different. So God obviously has no sexual feelings at all towards us. He uses more the analogy of they’re like our father, right? They’re like a parent. At the same time, Christ says, I’m like your friend. Other times he says, I’m like your brother. I mean, every single sort of relationship possible God is trying to use as an illustration of, yes, whatever close relationship you can think of, we’re. That we want to be with you. And then in the New Testament, we have God even dwelling within us. And so all of our experiences, all of our thoughts, God knows and sees. And then we come to where Jesus is talking about people and we’re talking about the ones that don’t take care of the poor, don’t love as God wants them to love.

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And he’ll say, I never knew you. And of course God knows them, but Jesus is saying, we don’t have a close relationship. You didn’t bother to get to know me, and I’m then going to deny having any sort of deep, meaningful relationship with you. And if you are watching the chosen, the TV series, a common theme in the movie that they’re really trying to bring out, I should say movie the TV series, they’re really trying to bring out how Jesus sees people. And he will tell know, I saw you, Nathaniel, when you were under the fig tree, when you were struggling and you’re having emotions, I saw know implying, I know what you were feeling, I know what you were going through. And I was there with you. My heart was hurting with you, sort of these implications there. So that is the level of intimacy then, that when we’re talking about in the biblical context that God has for us, that’s it. He feels your pain, he feels your sadness, he feels your joy. And Christ came on earth to become a human, to share in our experience, to show that he’s not above feeling like us and he wants us to know how connected he is to us.

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So that we’ll be willing to extend our heart and connect with him. So that is biblical intimacy.

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