What is the difference between minor and major prophets?

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So Mark is asking also what is the biggest difference between both the minor and major prophets of the Old Testament? That’s a pretty cool question. And I think we’ve had somebody ask this before and it’s totally common question because it’s like why are some prophets considered major and why are some considered minor? Are they better? Do they have more prophecy or something?

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And honestly, the only reason it’s kind of labeled that way, it’s not labeled that way in the Bible. There’s no Bible verse that says this Prophet was major, this Prophet was minor. They’re all prophets. They’re all the same in God’s eyes. But the only reason some are called major, like Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, those are considered more the major profits, while Malachi, Obadiah, those ones are considered minor.

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And it’s just the length of the books. So just basically the longer prophecy, like I said, like Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Daniel, those books are longer. They’re at least twelve, if not 66 chapters in length, whereas books like Malachi, that’s only, I think four chapters Obadiah, I think is just one chapter. They’re pretty short. So Zephaniah, these ones, they’re only a few chapters long.

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And so that’s why some are considered major, just because of the length of the chapters or the length of the book, because when they’re first written, the Bible wasn’t ever written in chapters and verses. People did that later. I think pretty recently, I think in the when they started translating, they decided to organize the Bible in a way where you could find certain phrases. So they organized the Bible into chapters as well as verses just so that you could find things better, which was a really good system. But when the Bible was first written, it was just written.

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And so that was it. It was kind of like when you read Paul’s letters in the New Testament, it’s obvious that it’s just a really long letter. And so it’s just that the translators decided, okay, well, this seems like a good place to kind of end this chapter and start a new chapter. But there’s really nothing in the Bible or that was how it was originally written. But yeah.

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So as far as major and minor, just the length, but all of the prophecies are all important.

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The Bible says that all of Scripture is given by inspiration and is profitable for correction, for instruction, for doctrine, for rebuke in righteousness. I believe that’s one, Timothy 316, if I’m not mistaken, all Scripture is written is inspired. And so there’s not one prophecy or Prophet that’s more important than another because all God’s word is written basically under the inspiration of the Holy and the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth. So it’s all good.

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