What is paganism? Please explain with examples how Christians adopted it?


This person is asking what is paganism in religion and please also explain how it was adopted by Christians and the examples associated with pagan religion hey we were actually going to do this one second but are you ready Tina oh as ready as I’ll ever be the Bible says to be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks for the hope that lies within you so as um without any preparation i am answering this question so as far as where the pagan what what is the pagan religion so that’s like the first question that’s being asked here and so my my answer would be paganism is some actually it’s a religion that goes way back you know basically to the time of you know genesis in the early um you know after god created Adam and eve and there was rebellion and man sinned and um paganism is basically a form of worship where it’s a false system of worship where people will worship things like nature or things of the earth and things like idols and like you read about this in various places of the bible of how dangerous it is to be part of idolatry and pagan worship that’s why the second commandment you know very specifically says thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images nor shall thou bow down to them nor shall you know thou you know that resembles basically anything um whether it’s in heaven above or the sea below and um there’s actually a curse that’s uh pronounced on those who um who uh give into idol worship um if you go ahead and read about it actually let’s go to the verse in exodus chapter 20 looking at the second commandment as far as idol worship which is in a sense paganism um so exodus chapter 20. and starting in verse 4 it says thou shalt not make into the any great graven image or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or that is in the earth beneath or that is in the water under the earth thou shalt not bow down thyself to them nor serve them for i the lord thy god am a jealous god visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation of them that hate me but verse six thank god it says um but showing mercy to thousands to those who love me and keep my commandments so basically um this in essence is like the summary of kind of what paganism is it’s you know it’s it’s worshiping anything that’s not god and so it it the roots go back to you know you see in genesis chapter four uh people you know making false gods and and worshiping them and um so it’s so important that you know we’re not doing that because in a sense we’re we’re saying we are turning our back towards the true god and we’re turning our face towards a false god and so um whether it’s you know worshiping you know an idol that resembles an animal or we’re worshiping you know the air or worshiping the sun you know there’s all sorts of things in nature that people have worshipped for for thousands of years just depending on that culture and so it’s very very dangerous because every type of you know form of paganism um involves some sort of a practice and a ritual and so there’s many different types of paganism religions or pagan religions that are mentioned in the bible like you look at the religion of baal and what and what was involved in the religion of baal is they would put their children through the fire and they would actually sacrifice their children by by putting them in fire which was terrible um same thing with molech um that was another pagan religion um i believe i’m not mistaken i’m trying i’m not 100 sure um which area that was from but there’s different ones and then you know you go into babylon and they worshipped um not ben ago but uh anibo um as well as belle who was like you know like a dragon and he really in essence it was like worshipping the devil because of just the way that it looked so there’s just many many many types of pagan religions that have been around since in essence since the beginning of creation after the rebellion and uh it’s kind of funny if you think about it because the bible has some very interesting things to say about you know pagan religions and um and kind of you know how how silly they are and there’s one specific passage i want to pull up for you guys it’s found in the book of isaiah um and i want to make sure because to me this is like kind of the epitome of just the bible’s view of um of of how you know the foolishness there is in um in worshiping these false these false idols and these you know basically the idols and the pagan religions and i believe it’s in let me see in isaiah chapter 46 um and god’s basically saying you know i i don’t want you guys to to you know to worship these idols because they’re they’re just false gods and you know uh what you know basically what are you doing uh when you’re you’re worshiping things that are my creation it’s like you’re worshiping the creation as opposed to the creator and so um and i apologize i’m having a hard time finding this specific verse um and i know isaiah 46 so i’ll read you this portion because it’s basically god speaking to his people about idols because sadly uh the nation of israel fell many times back into idolatry and and fell into these pagan religions um and if you read like in isaiah 46 starting in verse 1 it says bell bows down nebo stoops their idols were upon the beast and upon the cattle your carriages were heavy loaded they were a burden to the weary beast um they stoop they bow down together they could not deliver the burden they themselves are gone into captivity and so basically god is saying like you know your idols they stoop down they’re they’re nothing they have no power they all they do is burden your life they burden your you know your beasts of burden they’re just you know a burden to you they’re they have no benefit to your life and god says something very profound in verse 9 he says remember the former things of old for i am god and there is none else i am god and there is none like me declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things that are not yet done saying my counsel shall stand and i will do all my pleasure so only god is the one who can tell you the end from the beginning only god can tell you the future um and tell you everything you need to know about your life and that’s kind of the sad thing about um you know about an idol is that you’re um you’re basically putting your trust in something that’s that has no power and there’s one more verse i want to to show you and it’s in the book of um psalms speaking about idols and um and those that worship them and in psalm chapter 115 god says or david says something very interesting about idols that um i think kind of some like encapsulates the whole idea of of paganism and idolatry um and it says starting in verse verse 3 but our god is in the heavens he has done so whatever he has pleased their idols are silver and gold the works the work of men’s hands they have mouths but they speak not they have eyes but they see not they have ears but they hear not nose is what they smell not they have hands but they handle not feet but they walk not neither they through their throat they that make them are like unto them so is everyone that trusts in them and then he calls his people israel oh israel trust thou in the lord he is their help and their shield and so basically you know david is summarizing you know these idols are you know images of things that you know like a image of a person or image of a an animal but it has eyes but it can’t see and it has ears but it can’t hear and if you make them you’re like them it’s just like you have eyes but you can’t see things for what they really are like spiritually speaking you’re blind and you’re you’re you’re not you know producing anything that’s um that’s fruitful or a benefit to your life or to those around you now what’s sad is kind of going into the second half of this question um how has this come into christianity well it most definitely has come into the christian church and the christian faith and if you think oh this is a new thing this is that means christianity is bad no god’s people have have been struggling with idolatry and having pagan um things come into the camp for a very long time and i’m not saying it’s right or excusable but it is something that um god’s people have just been dealing with because we as humans we have a just an innate desire to worship i think we all recognize that you know our world our universe is so much bigger than we are and we just have this you know this this burden within ourselves to worship and you know it’s who are you going to worship who you know is that who where is your heart going to um go to is it going to be to the true god or is it going to be to something you desire or something of your own creation and i think that you know modern-day paganism yes there are pagans now who you know do worship things in nature um like there’s what they call white magic or people who worship manal and these other you know pagan gods of nature and things like that they worship trees they worship all sorts of things again it’s just worshiping the creation and not worshiping the creator and um so while that you know while that’s gone on um and you know those things might seem very obvious so it’s like well i’m a christian i don’t worship you know a tree or i don’t worship the sun or or things in nature like that but there have been things that have come into christianity that are definitely related to paganism and some of the one of the biggest ones that people usually bring up is um the easter celebration you know it’s like why do we have bunnies and and eggs and those sort of things well what happened was back in the time of constantine he was a roman leader who was trying to um unite rome and what was going on at the time was rome was just you know it was a world power but it was very broken and the reason for this is because there are these barbaric tribes that were pagan and they just wouldn’t get along with rome and rome had its own set of paganism and then in addition to that um you know a few hundred years had passed since you know christ had come to the earth and so the christianity had been persecuted but every time they would kill a christian ten more would pop up because there was just something amazing about the gospel and the gospel was just spreading and people they rome just couldn’t keep it under wraps and so finally this guy constantine was like you know i think you know for rome to unite to be a united kingdom we need to have a state religion and so what he did in essence is he um blended the pagan rituals or the pagan religions um like things that were going on in those religions with christianity and you see that in things like um the madonna which is what now is what people would say is um mary and so you kind of see these blending of these things and you know you do see you know the the the god eshtar being celebrated on easter because she’s the god of fertility that’s why you see bunnies and eggs so there’s things like that that have gone on some people also bring up uh christmas that you know december 25th that’s actually the day that um the god tamus which is the the babylonian god of the son you know was born and so it’s kind of like the blending of you know jesus being that and kind of playing like oh it’s kind of the same thing so there’s a lot of things like that that have come into christianity um but anyways i could go on and on so i’m sorry if i’m talking too much but um anyways you know there’s there’s many other examples of that and honestly the biggest thing that i would say has been the change of sabbath to sunday that is the number one um pagan ritual that has come into our church and the reason for that was you know christians early christians they worshipped on sabbath you see that in the book of acts but when um the the page you know when constantine was trying to unite um the pagans and the christians they were like well the pagans worship on the first day because that’s sunday they worship the sun and the christians worship on saturday well let’s worship both days and then what they started to do was they started to do the sabbath being a sabbath fast and then sunday was a sunday feast and so if you can imagine saturday wasn’t all that the sabbath wasn’t very pleasant and sunday became this wonderful day of you know gluttony basically and just enjoying your yourself so eventually things just kind of faded into the sabbath being changed to sunday and honestly that’s one of the biggest changes that you see and the thing is it was also predicted in the book of daniel chapter 7 verse 25 where this roman power seeks to change times and laws and the only time or only law in the bible that’s related to time is the seventh day sabbath so there you have it and um as far as you know paganism and how it’s coming into the church but we have to be very careful because we know that you know we’re coming to the end of time in revelation 13 says there’s a beast and there’s going to be a mark of the beast and i really believe that that the beast is related to a false system of worship which um where i believe the sunday law will be imposed and um just basically forcing god’s people to not keep all 10 of his true commandments uh jr wendy any other thoughts on that yes so that was man i i think there’s a topic that you could write books on the differences between true christianity and paganism and and maybe the simplest way is paganism can be i mean i guess there’s a subset of false religions but it encompasses a lot of different ways that satan can steer people away from god’s true religion um and for me what’s really at the cusp of what satan’s trying to achieve with paganism is he’s trying to steer you away from how god really is and he wants to make you think god needs to be pleased by you before he’ll accept you i mean that’s one of the one of the major falsities in pagan religion so they have these statues and they’re giving offerings to these statues and they’re bound down and praying to them all these things and and fearing these gods and you oh no it’s not raining we gotta do this special dance and please this god and then i gotta kill my baby and then they’ll please this god you know and maybe we don’t do that today but we still do it in in that manner but maybe we still do things where you know we feel like we have to do penances and things of that nature to make god pleased with us but what do we hear in the bible second corinthians chapter 5 starting at verse 18. second corinthians 5 verse 18 it says now all things are of god who has reconciled us to himself through jesus christ and has given us the ministry of reconciliation that is that god was in christ reconciling the world to himself not imputing their it trespasses to them and has committed to us the word of reconciliation so what is this verse saying i mean there’s some big words there but the big word we’re seeing again and again and again there is reconcile you know that this you know there’s a problem with the relationship things went wrong which whose fault was that that was ours adam and eve went down the wrong path they chose to distrust god disobey god um believe the lying serpent and and hurt god they didn’t and i mean that’s it at the end but but does god say that’s it i’m done with you guys you know get away from me no what does god do he immediately promises them in genesis 3 a way out how god’s going to deal with satan how god is going to pave the way for a savior to come through the lineage of eve and someday bring reconciliation between the human race and god and that’s exactly what jesus did jesus was god in the flesh paying the price for our sins so that then there’s nothing that needs to be between us and god and he became human he was hurt and injured he took on all the shame the guilt the problems we have he experienced it all so we can connect with him so that we can we don’t have to be afraid of god we don’t have to run and hide like adam and eve did we can boldly approach the throne of grace as paul says that’s that is the true religion but against paganism is oh this guy could be mad at me and wants to destroy me and i got to please him no no first god has pleased himself with what he has done we just have to accept that that is true christianity we can’t do anything to please god in fact what are we told hebrews 11 verse 6 but without faith it is impossible to please him referring to god for he he who comes to god must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him when there does it say you got to do you know good acts to be a good person for god to be happy with you yes god wants that he really does but that’s not what allows you to enter god’s presence he’s already made the path for that it’s by your faith by believing what doesn’t mean believing god like james even says even the devil knows this the the demons know god is god that’s not faith faith is trusting and he’s a good person that god is faithful to his promises that he loves you and he wants to welcome and accept you as his son that is true christianity that is true religion and then anything that tells you otherwise anything says you got to go through a church you got to throw go through a human being you got to go through some ritual you got to say some magical prayer you got to say something that’s paganism yeah so that’s uh yeah and and you know going back to um cain cain wanted to offer his own fruits to god he brought fruits he was supposed to accept a lamb for him from from abel he rejected the lamb representing christ and he wanted to offer the fruits of his labor to me that is the beginning also of paganism kane started it and so many religions continue it today yeah no definitely i think that’s a good summary i appreciate you helping me out with that and you know i think it’s just so interesting uh kind of like you’re saying you know that’s the thing with paganism and pagan religions is yeah you’re trying to appease a god and that’s really what distinguishes the god of the bible from any other god or religion in the whole world which is very interesting because every other religion you have to do something for your salvation you have to appease this higher power of some kind or you have to you know realize yourself in some way you know or do some sort of rituals to you know to just elevate yourself and you know to a higher level of spirituality but the the thing is when it comes to christianity only in christianity do we see god himself come to us god humbles himself you see that in philippians chapter 2 you know or let this mind be in you which was also in christ jesus who being in the form of god thought it not you know robbery to be equal with god but you know basically humbled himself and became a man and you know humbled himself to the point of of death even the death of the cross which was one of the most humiliating and you know gruesome and painful deaths he could have died for us but yet that’s the god that we serve and there is no other god like that and so any religion um that you know basically is telling you you have to earn your salvation in some way shape or form there’s a problem there because that’s not the god that we serve god says you know you know the wages of sin is death but the gift of god is eternal life through jesus christ our lord so yeah i appreciate you bringing out that that super important point of just how you know how different and unique our god is and you know there is no other god like him period hands down and i’m just so glad that’s the god that we serve is the god of love and what you said there about christianity is the only one that way that is that way i mean that that there is a huge point and to me when i was in college and exploring you know what is truth and you know what’s the odds i’ll be born into the right religion the one thing that really grasped me and kept me into christianity was noticing how it was different than any other religion in that regard that christianity is so special yeah yeah i noticed that as well and in my journey like i because i wasn’t raised in a church it was kind of phenomenally christian environment but you know wasn’t didn’t have a strong basis there or foundation there and there and then i got to a school that was super diverse and had every different religion and i i was searching for truth and i found the same thing that christianity was the only one where god literally gave his own life for us while we were still sinful and broken and you know when we were not good whereas everything else it’s like this constant ernie ernie earning and that’s just it’s so unique yeah and that to me in a way that makes me so sad to think that there’s so many people who live that way who who think you know that they need to appease this god like when i read about um like in the book of daniel chapter 2 when nebuchadnezzar who’s you know a pagan king and he has this dream that the true god gives him trying to reach out trying to connect to him and what’s funny is that god uses an idol in the dream and you know god obviously he hates idols but god used the idol to get his attention because it was something that the nebuchadnezzar would understand and what’s interesting is when nebuchadnezzar goes to his you know his astrologers and magicians and these other pagan um spiritual leaders he goes you know what you know what was the dream that i had and they’re like well you have to tell us a dream for us to interpret it and he’s like no no if you’re really spiritual like you say you are your gods or whatever can tell you the dream and then you can tell me the interpretation and they say something so profound as far as you know just kind of the essence of paganism um and you see it in daniel 2 and verse oh see verse 11 it says uh or basically 10 11 it says that chaldeans answered before the king and said there is not a man upon the earth that can show the king’s matter therefore there is no king lord or ruler that asks such a thing at any magician or astrologer or chaldean and this is a rare thing that the king requires and there is none other that can show up before the king except the gods so these false gods whose dwelling is not with flesh and that like broke my heart in a way when i read that because i’m like these people lived in a way where they thought that their gods didn’t even live with them they don’t have any connection to them they’re you know but we are so i’m so grateful that i have jesus whose name is emmanuel which is literally god with us i mean how much more you know how much better could you get as far as you know if you were going to choose you know which god do i serve truths of god that’s with you choose the god that’s for you you know who you know will be there with you and he’ll never leave you nor forsake you um you know there’s to me there’s just no comparison there’s no way i could ever leave my jesus because you know he doesn’t leave me amen anyways i know we probably should keep it moving we’ve got some more questions to answer but that was an extremely important topic that you just covered like i i think of everything people should know this is one of it how many people are led astray amen

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