What happened to the twelve disciples after the ascension of Christ?

Out of fourteen disciples [twelve disciples + Matthias (replacement to Judas) + Paul = fourteen disciples], one was lost forever Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus, and nine were martyrs. Four were local missionaries in Jerusalem/Judea. The rest were foreign missionaries who left their local surroundings to be church planters. And according to the historians Hippolytus of Rome and Eusebius, this is what happened to each:

1 – Judas – killed himself in Jerusalem.

2 – Andrew – went as a missionary to modern day Georgia/Bulgaria. He was martyred/crucified in town of Achaia (Greece)

3 – Bartholomew – went as a missionary to India; martyred/crucified upside down in Armenia (Georgia)

4 – James, Son of Alphaeus – was a local missionary in Jerusalem. He was martyred/stoned in Jerusalem

5 – James, Son of Zebedee – was a local missionary in Judea. martyred/beheaded in Judea

6 – John, brother of James and son of Zebedee – banished to Patmos; died of old age

7 – Matthew/Levi – was a missionary to Parthia (Iran); died of old age

8 – Simon/Peter – was a missionary to Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Betania, Italy, Asia; martyred/crucified upside down in Rome

9 – Philip – was a missionary to Phrygia (Turkey); martyred/crucified upside down in Hierapolis (Turkey)

10 – Simon the Zealot – was a bishop of Jerusalem after James; died of old age

11 – Thaddaeus/Judas son of James – was a missionary to Edessa and to the surrounding Mesopotamian region (Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran); died of old ag.

12 – Thomas – was a missionary to Parthians/Medes/Hyrcanians (Iran), Bactrians (Afghanistan); martyred – speared in 4 different places

13 – Matthias – was a local missionary in Jerusalem; died of old age

14 – Paul – was a missionary to Illyricum (Croatia), Italy, Spain; martyred/beheaded in Rome

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