What do we do when we are called to prove our God in front of courts?


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So Brian is asking what will you offer when you are forced into the courts to prove your gods or to be censored I really like this question because I’m an attorney and i love courts and evidence sort of stuff and and i’m also very very concerned about a very realistic possibility that very soon we will be censored in that um even the bible itself might be a book that no longer publishers will carry we’re we’re definitely thinking close to those days and i’ve been very mindful uh to this question even before brian asks as to yeah what will it look like if if i get held into court and i think every christian needs to be thinking in these terms and even if you’re not called into a human court we’re told there’s going to be a judgment and we’re going to be in a sense brought before god’s court and god is examining us and and judging what we’re doing so what will that look like what do you want it to look like so um but in terms of proving to people that there is uh you know a god or what’s that god like um i i will first want to say well first he says gods um i believe what the bible says deuteronomy 6 4 it says hear o israel the lord our god the lord is one there’s one god but that hebrew word for one means that there are um there could be many many components that make that one so the bible also uses that word one to talk about how a man and a woman become one flesh few of them becoming one in marriage so that’s how the god is there’s these three entities usually to be the god the father the son and the holy spirit they make together what is god but often god also in the new testament especially he’s referring to the father um though though christ is also represented and referred to as god so it’s a little bit different you know some people trip up on this it but uh just want to clarify that so how can i prove in court that god is god that god exists uh we’ve talked about this before even last week isaiah 46 9-10 the bible outright gives a test so that we can know god is god god gives a challenge he says remember the former things of old for i am god and there is none none other like me so first he says remember the thing the former things god could tell us things from the beginning because he set things up from the beginning so we want to know how was the earth created what was it like the bible can tell us only god could tell us because adam and eve weren’t around even when the earth was formed and those of us who are creationists do believe that there’s plenty of evidence in science backing up the bible’s claim we then go to um verse 10 here so god says you know there’s none like me he also says i’m declaring the end from the beginning and from the ancient times things that were not yet done say my counsel shall stand and i will do my pleasure so god’s saying here also who can tell you right now or even you know many years before what’s going to happen way in the distant future only he can do that only god knows the future and we have an incredible prophecy that that mathematically you know can we can demonstrate was was prophesized before it came true and this is found in daniel 9 starting at verse 24 and talks about how 70 weeks are given for daniel’s people that would be the jews and for their holy city jerusalem to finish the transgression to make an end of sins to make reconciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting righteousness to seal up this vision and prophecy and to anoint the most high anoint all this is referring to the messiah um in greek that is christ uh so jesus christ is talking about know therefore understand um gabriel’s telling daniel that from the going forth of the command to restore and build jerusalem until messiah the prince jesus comes there will be seven weeks and 62 weeks so you’re gonna have these seven weeks and then six to two weeks if you add them up that’s 69 weeks of the whole 70 weeks and um and this will start with the so the streets shall be built again and the wall and and there’ll be trouble sometimes okay so when does this period start when is that commanded go forth and rebuild jerusalem ezra 7 11 talks about how there’s this letter that was um that king artaxerxes gave to ezra the high priest and it gives the year i think it was like the second year of king artaxerxes something like that and you could look up in the history books when that was and it was some people say it was 457 others say it was 458 a.d i’m in a cat that believes that was fall the fall of 457 a.d i would say the day of atonement in particular of that year and then in verse 26 it reads and after the 62 weeks so whenever there were 70 weeks and then after 70 weeks is 62 weeks so at the end of that 69 week overall period there is going to be another seven week period and during that time the messiah is going to be cut off that’s a word used to or he’s going to die but not for himself oh yeah jesus didn’t die for his own sins he died for the world and the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city in the sanctuary um but it says then he shall confirm the messiah shall confirm a covenant for one week we are that six to nine weeks there was one week left for that all the total seven oh sorry 70 weeks but in the middle of the week he shall bring an end of the sacrifice and offering and i know giving lots of days times whatever so 69 weeks the bible explains that there’s a day for your principle for prophecies like this and you could try it out so if you plug in a day for a year uh 70 weeks um each week it says 70 days there’s 42 weeks in a year um if you crunch all the math but basically end result and you can look this up but there’s other people who give a more detailed explanation of how to do this and you probably have it on bible ass right tina the the exact math yeah yeah yeah we did this posted yeah yeah sorry so you could go through and they’ll take you step by step but you end up with the messiah’s appearing to be 80 27 that’s when jesus was baptized that’s when he became the messiah that’s when he started his ministry and we know from the bible three and a half years later jesus is crucified he died for everybody and that’s when he puts an end to the sanctuary service there’s no more need for for sacrifices of animals going forward because those things things were pointing forward to jesus’s death and then he fulfills what they represented right in the middle of the week and then three and a half years later we have the stoning of stephen and and now the gospel is not just being given to the jews but is going out unto all the all the gentiles too paul is commissioned to be the apostle to the gentiles peter is called to go speak to the gentiles and and that 70-week period comes to an end but it’s right on time we know as a historical fact jesus was was here around that 27 a.d so why is this or those you know so how does it prove how does this prove or how how does this why is this important to when we if we are brought before court so we can also prove as a historical fact that this book of daniel traces to at least 200 years before jesus because it was found in the dead sea scrolls we know that those book those scrolls weren’t written after the time of jesus so these are written at least 200 years were already part of the hebrew canon 200 years before jesus came so this was predicted way before and jesus comes right on schedule uh one of the gospels says you know i think in the fulfillment of time you know this these are the times they’ve been predicted and jesus came right on time the odds of this are astronomical it’s absolutely divine and again we’re just talking about one prophecy in the bible we can go prophecy the prophecy to prophecy including the prediction of how in daniel 2 babylon would fall and would be overtaken by the media persians that they would fall and be overtaken by greece that greece would immediately fall apart into four separate kingdoms which it did and then that one of those kingdoms before it became rome and conquered the rest of uh this area and that rome was never conquered by another civilization it just sort of the roman empire just saw these fell apart and became basically what we know as these separate european countries and they’ve never been able to form a coherent union they look at the the uh the european union it’s very loose there’s always tenuous and not everybody’s in it and and we know that the european union is probably going to collapse again because it’s more or less predicted the bible says they’re going to try but they’re not going to be able to cleave together it’s astounding and it was predicted yeah what else you got i know you got some more notes there that i think are also important and and uh on top of that the bible says psalms 34 8 additional evidence it says oh taste and seed that the lord is good blessed is the man who trusts in him taste and see god again is now sort of saying like put me to the test try me out trust me see what happens during life that’s pretty bold and many anybody who’s actually taking god up on that offer place their their life and trust in their hand i think would come and say yeah god is delivered and maybe there’ll be some people who say oh it fell through god’s people were awful that was god’s people that wasn’t god give god the chance rely on god don’t depend on god’s people rely on god and see what happens and first peter 3 15 and 16 it says but sanctify the lord your god in your heart and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you the reason for the hope that is in you with meekness and fear having a good conscience that whereas they others might speak evil of you as of evildoers they may be ashamed that false accuse you and your good conversation with christ we’re called as christians to be ready to always give an answer why we have hope and that should be because we’ve tasted and see that god is good that he’s been amazing in our life but ultimately jesus says how can we prove you know where his disciples that were the real deal um even to reveal that he is real i would say it’s john 13 35 by all this will by this all will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another so i can only hope that if i was put on trial and hauled into court i hope the thing that would really stand out the most would be my love and i’m definitely working to get better at that so that if it does happen it will be quite apparent but all of us should be thinking about that will we look loving when we’re held into court can that be really noticeable can people say wow this is something that that seems beyond human is this something that cannot be within man itself and truly think there must be a divine god behind this person a god that is of love and transforming people to be better more amazing more wonderful than they ever could on their own no evidence i think could be better than that amen amen amen you know how about you i i amen no i i think honestly and i think i mean that’s so valid you know i 100 support prophecy you know i love prophecy especially daniel and i think god is so spot on you know in um how he’s fulfilled everything on time um and that’s just you know one of many prophecies that god is fulfilled but also the quality i mean that’s quantitative but also this the qualitative aspect of god like i think of the verse in john 17 3 which says this is life eternal that they might know thee the only true god and jesus christ whom now has sent and i’m like yeah because god once i got to know you and i love you god i don’t want to be apart from you i can’t imagine my life without god i i just he’s such a part of everything that i do and everything that i am like i just don’t understand how people live any other way and um i know that’s kind of weird to think about but it’s like if you’ve not experienced it but i mean truly experience it is what i would say because you know god promises in jeremiah 29 12 he says seek me um if you seek me and you’ll find me if you search for me with all of your heart if you really come to god and say god i give you all my heart i surrender everything to you god will not fail you i think so many people have been like well i gave god a chance i’m like but did you give everything did you surrender to god everything or is there something you’re holding back isn’t something you’re holding on to and that’s what i would really you know you know say to you is just that you know come if you come to god you have to come to god with everything and be open about everything um you know just kind of like the woman at the well she tried to hide her past but jesus knew it and once he you know showed that to her then she was able to open up to jesus and i think we kind of have to do the same thing where we are completely open and come to jesus completely as we are um just you know and bear it all because god already knows but i think it’s it’s when you’re you’re willing to open up your heart to him fully and completely then he will um you know he’ll make himself real to you um in the same way just like you know it says draw near to god god will not draw near to you god doesn’t force himself on you and i think that that’s something that people don’t understand is god is not a god of force he’s not abusive in that way you know he he doesn’t push himself on you he will only you know enter into your life as a welcome guest so um you know just just keeping that in mind as far as you know you know why is god real because he’s been real in my life there’s nothing there’s no promise that he hasn’t fulfilled and i could tell you so many times where i’ve said god i need you you know you promised me you know in psalm 34 you said that the young lions do lack and suffer hunger but those that seek the lord shall not want any good thing i claimed this so many times during my college years and every time i had a need because i had nothing in college i had nothing i was barely getting by like pennies and like god just fulfilled every single time every every need that i had one semester i had nothing i was like god i have no way i’m going to survive this next semester i can’t pay my tuition i’m going to get kicked out i’m not going to graduate and like the next day so i get emotional but it’s just because god’s so real um the next day they said oh you got a scholarship i’m like i didn’t apply for a scholarship and money appeared from nothing so that i could pay my tuition there was just there’s so many times or there was a bill i had to pay and i was like god i don’t have this 25 to pay this bill is due tomorrow what am i going to do and i claimed this word and the next day there was a check in the mail for 25 and i was like god how did this happen and it was for my car insurance they said you overpaid here’s we we owe you this and i’m like how did you know god on the day that i would need this that you would come in and show up right when i needed you and god has never failed me but i took god at his word and i i trusted him and so i would say that to me like that is the greatest you know evidence for god is that he showed up when we put our full and complete trust in him and so you know for me like i said without god there’s there’s no other way i i can’t live without him and you know and i really you know encourage you out there if you’re you know questioning is god real give him a real chance you know and really take him at his word fully by faith god says you know without faith it’s impossible to please god you you have to take his word as though it’s true you know he that comes to god must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him so really seek for god diligently not have him half-heartedly but with everything you’ve got and you’ll see god show up he you can’t miss him thank you first the kingdom of god and his righteousness and everything else thank you for sharing that so powerful testimony well there’s a lot more i could share but i don’t think i’ve even heard that testimony from you yeah i don’t think i have either oh man i got a lot more let me tell you god has shown up and i’ve seen miracles happen like miracles miracle miracles like so if i get hauled into court to prove there’s a god i’m going to have to like subpoena you and i’m going to call my first witness tina my god was real he showed up i promise you there’s no way this could have happened so anyway


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