What church are you part of?


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So Daniel is asking may I ask you questions about your faith be ready always um and then i think we actually had another one just like that um do we want to do that Daniel’s question also two questions one answer where it was down um if we need a minute to get that up i can at least start answering it and then we can address the other one go ahead sure so i mean to me it sounds like you’re um quoting first peter chapter 3 verse 15. and first peter 3 15 states you know but sanctify the lord god in your hearts and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear and so um as far as you know just always being ready to to give an answer um you know that’s what we’re called to do we’re called to always be ready you know but the before you’re even ready to answer or give an answer what it says first in the verse is to sanctify the lord god in your hearts so to sanctify is to make holy or set apart or make special so you really need to make god have him sit on the throne make a special place for god in your heart and i always like to think of god sitting on the throne of our hearts basically you know it’s not just that we say okay well we read some verses so i can answer and it’s not just about knowing the bible you know like memorizing verses it’s about having god living inside of you and just really being like god i welcome you into my life into my heart fill me with your spirit and change me so and make me ready to receive you know your thoughts and your mind um in myself so i can reflect you to those around me um and then you know we can be ready to to speak to others about our faith because i don’t know about you but I’ve met people who knew a lot of the bible and they could answer out of the bible but their spirit was not right and i really think that you know the spirit that we speak to people and um how we answer questions is like the first and foremost uh most important part of you know being ready to to answer um anything about when it comes to spiritual matters of the bible or about god is that sanctified in our hearts and that he’s you know um he’s he’s in our hearts first of all and um we put him at the right level that we give him the respect and the importance and the uh reverence that he deserves in our lives now i think there was a an additional part to this question if i’m not mistaken uh i think we have it ready okay let’s go ahead and and it’s actually by i believe the same person because both are asked by Daniel okay so Daniele’s asking what church are you a part of and to that i want your faith in the church okay so as far as our faith in church i mean our faith is in the bible and the word of god and as far as bible ass goes um we as a ministry are not affiliated with any church or denomination we’re simply um just bible believing Christians who want to share our faith in the word of god so as far as bible ass goes um like i said we’re we’re not part of a denomination or a church but we do recommend that you know you find yourself a church to attend and to be a part of i think church family is very important um and the bible obviously you know tells us that we should assemble and not forsake the assembling of ourselves in worship to god so that’s that would be my answer to that amen and first pops to my mind but um but basically when it comes to um you know what faith are we of the bible is very clear in um in the teachings of Paul in Ephesians chapter four verse five it says you know there’s one lord one faith one baptism and so we’re all part of the body of Christ whether or not we’re in the same church it doesn’t really matter because i know that there’s a lot of division in Christianity because there’s different churches and different denominations but we at bible ask are not really honestly concerned but you know we don’t limit ourselves to one church or anything we just want to study with people who want to study the bible and so and we all worship the same lord which is the lord Jesus Christ um and his father in heaven the one our one faith and one baptism you know we’re all baptized into the same faith which is you know into the truth of Jesus Christ so that’s what i would say to that and you know what’s interesting again for me uh i always like think of myself as like a follower of the way the the bible talks about especially around right after Jesus left the disciples will talk about the way that’s what they’re referring to the religion it’s not um they’re not Christians then Christian comes on later almost like people are mocking them oh you’re Christians just like some people used to call Muslims Mohammedans you know so it was sort of that same thing but but yeah i like the concept of the way and then you go back you read the bible everything is about god showing you the way Jesus says i am the way. and i really like the idea of just going back this being true to the bible that’s the true religion not something that maybe we’ve stacked 2 thousand years of traditions onto and you know to the question of to give like an account for your faith I have a a little piece to share on that which is the the reason for my faith because i was not raised in a church but the reason for my faith is god working in my life in so many ways over the years and then revealing scripture to me where you know because i didn’t grow up reading the bible so i didn’t know a lot of these verses and god would would give would say something to me or give me um direction on something and then i would later find that in the bible and um that to me is the reason for my faith and my belief in the word of god amen


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