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What are the parallels between the 12 apostles and the 144,000?

The Parallels Between the 12 Apostles and the 144,000

As, Jesus taught, trained and filled with the Holy Ghost the 12 apostles to preach to the the children of Israel at His first coming, He will also choose 12 times 12,000 faithful apostles filled with the Holy Spirit to lead His end time church in preaching the gospel to the entire world just before His second coming. And a great multitude of believers will accept the Lord Jesus Christ as a result of their anointed efforts.

The following are parallels between the 12 Apostles and the 144,000:

The 12 Apostles

1-They are literal Israelites (Genesis 12:1-3).
2-They live at the first coming (Galatians 4:4).
3-Their number is complete and they are sealed with the Spirit (Acts 1-2).
4-They minister under the former rain of Holy Spirit (Acts 2:17).
5-They are the firstfruits of Jesus first coming (James 1:18).
6-Because of their ministry, thousands of Jews get converted (Acts 2:5).
7-They have Jesus’ Name (Acts 3:16).
8-They have no guile (John 1:47).
9-They follow Jesus (John 1:37).
10-They lead thousands to God (Acts 4:4).
11-They praise Jesus with palms (Matthew 21:1-9).
12-They minister before a great persecution in Jerusalem (Acts 8:1).
13-The 12 sing a song with Jesus (Mathew 26:30).
14-They rested on the Sabbath (Luke 23:56; Acts 17:2).
15-They are not defiled with the leaven of Pharisees (Mark 7:1-15).
16-They will sit on twelve thrones Judging (Matthew 19:28).

The 144,000 Apostles

1-They are spiritual Israel (Galatians 3:29).
2-They live at the time of the second coming (Revelation 7).
3-Their number is complete then sealed (Revelation 7; Ephesians 4:30).
4-They minister under the latter rain of the Holy Spirit (Joel 2:28).
5-They are the first-fruits of Jesus’ second coming (Revelation 14:4).
6-Because of their ministry a great multitude gets converted (Revelation 7:9).
7-They have the Father’s name (Revelation 14:1).
8-They have no guile (Revelation 14:5).
9-They follow the Lamb (Revelation 14:4).
10-They lead a great multitude to God (Revelation 7:9).
11-They praise God with palms (Revelation 7:9,10).
12-They minister before a great persecution in the world (Daniel 12:1).
13-They sing a song with the Lamb (Revelation 14:3).
14-They have the Sabbath seal of God and the Father’s name (Revelation 7:1; 14:1).
15-They are not defiled with the doctrines of Babylon (Revelation 14:4).
16-They will sit with Jesus on 144,000 thrones judging (Revelation 20:4).

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