My question is about the Eucharist and its different views throughout Christianity?

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My question is about the eucharist and different views throughout Christianity why do you believe Michael is Jesus those are two different questions two very different things since you you brought up earlier that michael is jesus i’ll let you take that one while i uh talk about the eucharist sounds good all right um i won’t go too long into the eucharist i mean that that definitely is a an important issue that was one that the pro early protestants um when taking their stand against the catholic church they were bringing this up but i mean so those who are not familiar with the eucharist it is a catholic catholic doctrine a concept where a priest is able to um say an incantation and then turn um bread into the literal body of christ so it becomes god basically in the hands of this priest and then you have the wine that they say then is literally the blood of jesus so when you eat the eucharist and drink the wine you are literally consuming the body and blood of christ and if i got a bit of it wrong forgive me i’m not catholic myself right but um that’s my understanding of how it goes and you know i’m not going to say this is the wackiest doctrine ever right let’s take a look there is um passage in the bible where um jesus is having what we call communion with the the disciples and so jesus for example let’s take a look in luke luke 22 17. jesus it says he took a cup and gave thanks and said take this and divide it among yourselves for i say to you i will not drink of the fruit of the vine till the kingdom of god comes and he took bread gave thanks and broke it and gave it to them saying this is my body which is given to you do this in remembrance of me likewise he took the cup after saying this cup is the new covenant of my blood which is shed for you so jesus is saying these things so the question we must ask then is jesus literally saying take this bread what the bible says it says it’s bread is it literally saying that this is uh or jesus saying this is my literal body now take it or is jesus being symbolic is he saying take this but imagine picture it being my body that this is being broken like my body what’s you know this is a visual representation so you can think about what’s going to happen and or and it’s jesus saying you know when you’re drinking this blood the cup is he saying you’re drinking my blood or is he saying when you’re drinking it think about the blood that i shed for you so that’s going to be the question is he being literal or is he being figurative now if we go back and we look at luke 22 19 jesus ends it saying this is my body which is given for you do this meaning you know this this act of you know taking the bread doing the communion in remembrance of me so he’s saying right remember these things this is to to take your mind to these events that then would follow when jesus was hung on the cross when his blood was shed when he was broken and abused and humiliated and suffered he wants us to always do this as a regular ceremony right to remember what happened and you know if we look at the rest of the bible jesus it wasn’t the only time jesus said he was or you know or used bread to refer to himself you look at john 6 35 john said jesus said i am the bread of life he who comes to me shall never hunger and he who believes in me shall never thirst and was jesus being literal right there like literally i am the bread of life eat me and you literally will be um never have to hunger again is that what he’s saying there no jesus being figurative that’s how jesus always often spoke was very figuratively and if you later read in john the book of john when he’s talking to disciples it eventually reaches a point where the disciples said jesus we don’t understand what you’re saying you know it’s so esoteric how are you speaking to us please speak plainly and then all of a sudden jesus does and then they say oh thank you jesus we finally understand you now because yeah he’s very figurative very symbolic in how he speaks and so we have to be very careful when jesus says something to say this literally is truth as opposed to jesus is giving us a symbol by which it will help us understand the truth like an analogy yeah like an l analogy or a metaphor just because someone uses an analogy or metaphor it doesn’t mean to believe that analogy algebra metaphor literally is true it’s to help you understand another truth so great question thank you for asking our friend and and i mean it’s a little bit weird to think like that jesus would be telling us to literally eat his body and drink his blood like where does he tell us to be carved to be uh cannibal yeah i mean human flesh is would be forbidden yeah yeah maybe tina would know even verse on that but yeah we’re they’re certain animals that are clean and i don’t think humans are on that clean meat list exactly oh yeah we’re not hearing you tina you’re you’re muted yeah in levitical law you’re not even allowed to touch a dead body let alone eat it so yeah no no eating uh human flesh or drinking human blood and we’re not supposed to drink real blood remember the life is in the blood you’re not even supposed to eat it even in the even in the new testament where some people are like oh that was done away with no in the book of acts the disciples are like look that just make sure that you don’t eat things strangled and you don’t eat blood that’s still a no-no so um even in the new testament in the new testament church you read about the book of acts um to think about the top of my head i have that verse actually because i was going to speak about it on a different question oh okay very cool yeah acts 15 19 to 20. yeah so i mean very clear we’re not supposed to drink real blood it’s just even to this day that was the new testament church confirmed that yes jesus death on the cross i said it exactly and the thing is too um you know like i think jesus spoke in a way that people understood things like just to get you to think like just like today we use idioms you know if i say oh i could eat a horse i’m not going to eat a horse i’m a vegetarian that’s that’s not what i’m saying what i am trying to tell you is i’m very hungry you know what i mean so i think you know great analogy yeah that’s why i think jesus says things the way he does sometimes you just have to understand you know spiritual things are spiritually discerned so ask god for um spiritual discernment so so here’s a question can i add a question to this to clarify then then what does the body represent and what does the blood represent the body of christ as far as like eating the body of christ and drinking the blood of christ what are those symbolic of so what i would say biblically speaking i’m sorry i didn’t know if jay you had a uh answer you wanted to share but here to hear what you see the off the top of my head um the bible is very clear it says jesus says my body is my church um so basically we’re taking in the body of christ we’re taking in his church we’re we’re basically becoming one with the body of christ and his blood is his life we’re saying this is the life that i accept i accept the blood of jesus as my sacrifice and by partaking in this bread we’re all one people and we all are sharing one source of salvation which is the blood of jesus which is his life that he gave for us um as a sacrifice so to me that’s this the symbols that i see in the bible that are pretty clearly laid out i i’m sorry i don’t know the verse off the top of my head um to confirm that but based on the bible that’s what i would say yeah and and i’ll add to that too like i think symbols can have multiple meanings too like what does light represent in the bible so many different things um but right also like consuming bread if bread also represents christ who says it’s my body you know i am the the i am the the bread of life how do we take in this bread of life like we’re told jesus is the word right we looked at that earlier so jesus is the word and jesus tells us you know you search the scriptures because you think in them is eternal life but these are they that testify of me

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