What are the ages of Patriarchs from Adam to Jacob?

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Many of the ancient people in the Bible had long lives. Methuselah lived the longest life – 969 years. Then after the flood, the ages of people declined as seen in the following table:

PatriarchAgeBible reference
1Adam930Genesis 5:4
2Seth912Genesis 5:8
3Enosh905Genesis 5:11
4Cainan910Genesis 5:14
5Mahalalel895Genesis 5:17
6Jared962Genesis 5:20
7Enoch365 (translated)Genesis 5:23
8Methuselah969Genesis 5:27
9Lamech777Genesis 5:31
10Noah950Genesis 9:29
11Shem600Genesis 11:10–11
12Arphaxad438Genesis 11:12–13
13Shelah433Genesis 11:14–15
14Eber464Genesis 11:16–17
15Peleg239Genesis 11:18–19
16Reu239Genesis 11:20–21
17Serug230Genesis 11:22–23
18Nahor148Genesis 11:24–25
19Terah205Genesis 11:32
20Abram (Abraham)175Genesis 25:7
21Isaac180Genesis 35:28–29
22Jacob (Israel)147Genesis 47:28

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