What are some proofs for creation?


By BibleAsk Team

Proofs for Creation

Here are some proofs for the creation of the world:

  1. Information: The instructions for how to build, operate, and repair living cells represent a vast amount of information (estimated at 12 billion bits). Information is a mental, non-material concept. It can never arise from a natural process and is always the result of an intelligence.
  2. Formation of Life: Dead chemicals cannot become alive on their own. The “Law of Biogenesis” states that life comes only from prior life. Spontaneous generation has long been shown to be impossible (by Louis Pasteur in 1859). Numerous efforts to bring life from non-life (including the famous Miller-Urey experiment) have not succeeded. The probability of life forming from non-life has been likened to the probability of a tornado going through a junkyard and spontaneously assembling a working 747 airplane.
  3. Design of Living Things: Design is apparent in the living world. Even Richard Dawkins in his anti-creation book The Blind Watchmaker admits, “Biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose.” This is also another view of the core issue of information, as the design of living things is the result of processing the information in the DNA (following the blueprint) to produce a working organism.
  4. Irreducible Complexity: The systems, features, and processes of life are irreducibly complex. What good is a circulatory system without a heart? An eye without a brain to interpret the signals? Doesn’t matching male and female reproductive machinery need to exist at the same time, fully-functioning if any reproduction is to take place? Keep in mind that natural selection has no foresight, and works to eliminate anything not providing an immediate benefit.
  5. The Second Law of Thermodynamics: The Second Law of Thermodynamics refers to the universal tendency for things, on their own, to become less ordered and eventually reaching a steady-state. However, the evolutionary scenario proposes that over time things, on their own, become more ordered and structured.
  6. Existence of the Universe: By definition, something must be eternal (as we have “something” today and something cannot come from “nothing,” so there was never a time when there was “nothing”). Either the universe itself is eternal, or something/someone outside of it and greater than the universe is eternal.
  7. Fine-tuning of Earth for Life: Many parameters are “just right” for life to exist on this planet. For example, if the Earth was just a little closer to the Sun it would be too hot and the ocean’s water would boil away, much further and it would be covered continually in ice. Earth’s circular orbit (to maintain a roughly constant temperature year-round), its rotation speed (to provide days and nights not too long or short), its tilt (to provide seasons), and the presence of the moon (to provide tides to cleanse the oceans) are just few of many other examples.
  8. Fine-tuning of Physics: The fine-tuning of the physical constants that control the physics of the universe – the settings of the basic forces (strong nuclear force constant, weak nuclear force constant, gravitational force constant, and electromagnetic force constant) are extremely finely tuned. A minor change in these or any of dozens of other universal parameters would make life impossible.
  9. Abrupt Appearance in the Fossil Record: The oldest fossils for any creature are already fully-formed and don’t change much over time “stasis.” The “Cambrian Explosion” in the “primordial strata” documents the geologically rapid appearance of most major groups of complex animals. There is no evidence of evolution from simpler forms.
  10. Human Consciousness: Chemicals alone cannot explain self-awareness, creativity, reasoning, emotions of love and hate, sensations of pleasure and pain, possessing and remembering experiences, and free will.
  11. Human Language: Language is one of the main things that separates man from the animals. Evolutionists have no explanation for the origin of human language.
  12. Sexual Reproduction: Many creatures reproduce asexually. Why would animals abandon simpler asexual reproduction in favor of more costly and inefficient sexual reproduction?

It takes more faith to believe all of the above somehow worked itself into shape than it does to believe there is a Being that is all powerful and more complex that loves us that we call God.

These are only some of the many facts that show the validity of the creation school of thought. “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse” (Romans 1:20).

In His service,
BibleAsk Team

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