What are some good prayers to help end the Corona Virus? (Q.1/3)


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Tina. Welcome to the BibleAsk show where we answer your Bible questions with our guest speaker. I’m your host Tina you can find our videos on Facebook or YouTube or you can even listen to us on podcast just enter BibleAsk. This week we’re excited to introduce our guest speaker Priscilla Santos. Priscilla would you mind introducing yourself.

Priscilla. Hi everyone my name is Priscilla Santos I’m a nurse in Southern California and I wanted to also share that I’m part of a ministry called The Creation Table. It’s a children’s blog where we show children cute creative experiments they can do at home but then also show a spiritual lesson at the end to just encourage them to get to know God on a personal level. You can find it on YouTube. I’m working on video number three but we have two solid videos out that we would like to share.

Tina. That’s wonderful Priscilla. We’re always happy to hear that you know we’re not just doing ministry for adults but also for kids. That’s a wonderful opportunity too to serve God and you know that we need to train up our children and the way in which they should go so that when they’re older they don’t depart from it and that’s just a wonderful ministry thank you so much for that and you’ll see it on our screen.

So that’ll lead us into our first question which comes from Dominique and they ask “what are some good prayers to ask God to help end the corona virus?”

Priscilla. All right well thank you so much Dominique for that question I think it’s very relevant with COVID-19 going on and I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one asking about that or even doing that prayer. Now there might be some people who might look at it and be like are you gonna ask that from God? But I want to encourage you that you can come to God with any of your petitions big or small. God is a powerful Creator God. He’s not intimidated by the size of our prayers He’s also a loving and gentle confidant and so He cares about even the smallest minute details of our lives so we can truly go to God with anything that we have and even in Psalms 46:133 He says He’s our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble. He encourages us to go to Him. He wants us to find peace and love and joy with Him so I encourage you to pray to God. Now when I do pray I want to suggest when I do it is not to control that when I pray it’s not a means of me being like okay I want this give it to me or I see the reason for this so you must see it as a priority that I see it in henceforth it’s an automatic yes it’s not that’s not how prayer works.

Prayer is a conversation it’s a dialogue it’s an experience between me and God where we connect. And we actually get a verse in the Bible it is a little bit more about prayer and how to really look at requests it’s just here at first John 5:14: This is the confidence that we have in Him that if He asked anything if we ask anything according to His will He hears us. The first thing to notice about that so that we can be confident that God hears us we can go to Him with everything anything and in any attitude that we found as far as like whether you’re angry or sad your joy toll you’re a living so I can handle that and He still wants you to come to Him confidently in prayer but notice – it also says a 20 check His will that doesn’t mean my will that doesn’t mean Tina’s I mean God’s will and allowing Him to do what He believes is right. Remember God knows the end from the beginning God knows what can be what food be what should be and he’s ultimately going to lead us into the best alternative their keys and when I pray asking for his will I need to be prepared for whatever answer there is and choose to trust him no matter what and I’ll give you two examples of that when I first started ministry there was a time where I woman who I ended up selling some materials to and then I remember – one – two years later and she was like do you remember we catching up and I was like so it’s been a while how have you been and she was like I don’t know if you remember this but the last time we saw each other I had stage 4 stage 3 stage 3 breast cancer and you prayed for me asking God to heal me if it was his will and to give teas for my family she’s like well that week I went back to the doctor and it canceled with some mega sting prayer fast forward two weeks ago and found out that friend family member has over 19 lived in the hospital critical and you tried to save her Lord please get healing if it be your will and please give peace to the family and found out that that person passed away same prayer same God but totally different outcomes but this is gonna be a face trip when we ask God it’s a part of growth it’s a part of that relationship that we have and I’m encouraged by Jeremiah 29:11 where I God tells us I know the plans that I have towards you that’s a peace and those people whatever God chooses there are tens or allows to happen he does that with our peace our best our good in mind and not of evil so as you pray which I encourage you get afraid you want to pray about COVID-19 and asking how to stop it by all means that is your relationship with God and you can talk about it but um remember it is going to be a faith trip it’s gonna make big trip for all of us there’s all of us are in different circumstances right now some are working so we’re not working some are sick so we’re not we need to we need to be willing to hang on to God no matter what the answer key and remembering revelation 21:5 before or 45 he tells us that he will like the way all of our tears and he will bring peace to and healing – so I hope that answers our great questions.

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