Was the King James version of the Bible written by the Freemasons?

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You all right? So Maria is asking, was the King James Version of the Bible written by Freemasons?

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Well, Maria, thank you for your question. We know that the King James Bible was written by about. Is it 40, 50 authors back in the 16 hundreds who basically they translated the Bible from the original Hebrew as well as Aramaic and Greek into what we have today, the King James Bible. Now, there’s always going to be some kind of conspiracy out there about something to do with things. This is a conspiracy. I wouldn’t give it too much thought or concern, because the thing is, it was done under the guidance of the people who really knew their Bible, really knew languages. I mean, these people who translated the Bible, each of them knew something like 14 languages. They were very educated and devout men who really wanted to translate it properly. And they did it under the guidance. Basically, they dedicated this translation to the king because they wanted to do a good job. So, I mean, to me it seems like this was a good work. And whenever people do something good, people always have to say, oh, there was this going on, or that going on. I would say this is just more of a conspiracy.

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I wouldn’t give it too much concern. And the thing is, too, when you look at God’s word in the King James Bible, it is such a beautiful thing and it’s had so many supernatural blessings to it. I can see why the devil would want to hurl something like a conspiracy like this at it. Because whenever God’s doing a work, Satan has to try to counter it with something. And so when we saw Christ here on the earth, Jesus was going about doing good and the Pharisees were accusing him of things and they were always after him to be like, oh, he casts out devils by the power of Beelzebub and things like, then, you know, Jesus is like, but by their fruits, you will know them. He’s like, look at my fruits, look at my life. Look at what I’ve done. What is it doing by my fruits? Am I doing anything that’s showing you that I work with evil spirits? No, by no means at all. Jesus was always showing goodness and kindness. And we’ve only seen, at least in my experience, with the King James Bible, I’ve read it cover to cover, and I’ve never seen one error or anything out of line or out of harmony with the character of God and his character of love.

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And so I would think that this is a conspiracy. I wouldn’t give it half a thought otherwise. And just know that God does protect his word and man might try to do things and misconstrue things. But I think that God had a special protection over his translation of the Bible, and I think we can safely trust it. And again, this is hearsay, as opposed to the word of God, which stands true forever and ever, because these conspiracies, they come and go. But our Bible has been around for thousands of years. I mean, yes, it began as just a few books when Moses began to start writing things down, which was over 2000 years ago. And over the last several thousand years, sorry, even longer than that. And so thousands of years, we’ve had basically scripture to read from, and it’s lasted, and there’s just nothing that compares to it. So would I worry about somebody’s theory to just try to brush aside God’s word? No way. I will stand firm on the Bible, and the Bible only.

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