To love God you have to know Him. Is it the same in a relationship?

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All right. So Robert’s question says, I know we talk about love many times. I just enjoy the topic. But I have one last question I read, to love God, you have to know Him. Is that the same concept if I want to get into a relationship?

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It’s a great question. And again, Robert, I’m so glad you love love. That is absolute best topic. I wish more Christians focused on it. So don’t ever change. Stay where you at. And when it comes to your question, for me, the verse that comes to mind is one John 419 and it says, we love Him because he first loved us. And the only way that we ever have the capacity to love God and to really know we are loving the right God is by getting to know Him. And Jesus talks about people who even at the end of days will jesus, you’re our God, aren’t you our God? And Jesus will say, I never knew you, but we did miracles in Your name. We did baptisms in Your name, we taught in Your name, we did all the stuff in your name. And Jesus will say, I still don’t know you saying we still don’t have a relationship. These people think they know God, they think they know Jesus, but they don’t. There’s some other God, some other Jesus that they’re really serving. And so to love somebody really does involve getting to truly know them.

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You really actually know that person at a very intimate level. And the Bible uses very intimate language to suggest a really close, true relationship, like on the verge of sexual type language, even that Jesus uses language about that level of intimacy to describe what he wants to have with us. Not saying he wants to go that far, but it’s just this concept of knowing someone is a very intimate, very, very important jesus didn’t just throw out that word casually. So likewise, when you are going to enter in a relationship, it’s very important to get to really know that person well, and not to the point of having sexual relations with them before committing. No, but get to know their character, their personality, what they like, what are their aspirations, those sorts of things. Because if you don’t, what are you marrying? Are you just marrying the outside of their body? Are you marrying the person that’s within?

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Definitely. And that’s very true. You have to know somebody to love them. And that’s especially true with God. I’m guessing you’re referring to the verse One John four eight, which says he that loves God, that doesn’t love, doesn’t know God, for God is love. So the only way we can truly love God is by knowing Him. The verses go on to basically say if we don’t love other people, then we really don’t know God, because God loves all people. And that’s God’s first and foremost. If his commandments is to love God, get to know him and you will love him, and then you can love your fellow man the right way. And yes, you should absolutely get to know somebody before you start a relationship and really have a walk with God, too, before you get into a relationship. I think that’s really important because I think so many people, they get in a relationship because they’re seeking love, and then if they either don’t find what they’re looking for in that relationship and they end up getting hurt, or during the time of their relationship, they’re not satisfied and they start getting a walk with God.

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And then as they get closer to God, they realize that the relationship they’re in is not Christ centered and they end up hurting the other person. And so definitely get to know God first before getting a relationship. I think that is really key to having good success in your relationship for the future.

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Yeah, I mean, go back to first, John. For us to be able to love others, we first have to have the love of God in our heart. And we get the love of God by knowing and understanding his love. So exactly as you said, Tina, praise God.

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