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Susan Wood watched a commercial by Pam Tebow in a Super Bowl party that changed her life for the good. When Susan found that she is pregnant, her boyfriend threatened that if she doesn’t get an abortion, he would kill himself.

Susan was confused and troubled. And to get her mind of that very stressful situation, she went to the Superbowl game. It was strange because Susan had never before watched football and didn’t even know the players.

Strangely, during the first quarter of Super Bowl XLIV, Focus on the Family’s “Celebrate family, celebrate life” commercial aired for the first and only time. Pam Tebow appeared onscreen, speaking of her “miracle baby”—son Tim.

The anti-abortion commercial wasn’t judgmental and was coupled with an encouraging message of a mother’s love. And Susan couldn’t get that one out of her head.

Susan narrates of another prior incident that took place in her life which really got her thinking. She said, “A few weeks earlier, I was folding laundry alone and the TV was on ESPN, I was too lazy to change the channel and watched an entire special on Tim Tebow. Literally the only college player in the entire country I could have named or recognized.”

At home, Susan searched the web for the Focus on the Family Ad. And she watched it many times. She also found an interview with Bob and Pam Tebow where Pam was telling her story of when she was pregnant with Tim, Pam’s doctor’s recommended that she should abort her unborn son because of medical complications.

But Pam refused to do so believing God for a miracle. And God did answer her prayers and rewarded her faith by healing her child completely. Today, Tim Tebow’s faith in God shines in his career as leading football player, Philanthropist, author, and speaker.

Susan made the decision not to abort her child believing that God had a special plan for the child as well. And Anita Grace was born that September. This year at 2017, Anita is six years old filling her mom’s life with joy and purpose. All this is because of a commercial her mom Susan saw during the Super Bowl. God does reach people in mysterious ways!

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