Is there such a thing as Biblical evolution?


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Biblical Evolution

In the literal sense, “evolution” means “change over time.” We all change over time to adapt to our circumstances. Even our thinking “evolves” as well. But evolutionist use this to introduce another school of thought. In order to answer this question, we need to first identify the different types of evolution. There are 2 types of Evolution – Micro-evolution and Macro-evolutionMicro-evolution happens every day and is perfectly Biblical. On the other hand, Macro-evolution is what Darwin taught, and it never happens.

Darwinian Evolutionists use legitimate examples of observed Micro-evolution when they teach their theories. But they give no examples of observed Darwinian or Macro-evolution because there aren’t any.

Micro-evolution is the shuffling of genetic information to adapt to changing environmental conditions. To illustrate, a study of Cane toads in Australia showed that over a period of 70 years, the toads with longer legs survived because they could run faster. With time the shorter legged toads died out. So, the whole Cane toad population “micro-evolved” longer legs to survive.

So, we can see that in Micro-evolution, there was No ADDITIONAL genetic information developed there – only a shuffling of EXISTING genetic information. This “Micro-evolution” is fully accepted by Creation Scientists. God created His creation possessing more genetic information they can use so that they can adapt to environmental changes.

Erroneously, Macro-evolution is taught today as the explanation for the origins of humanity. So, the cane toads in order to “Macro” evolve, they would need to change into a completely different species.

The ironic and shocking thing is that there is NO EVIDENCE whatsoever of any animal Macro-evolving into a completely different kind of animal. The finches stayed finches, the toads stayed toads and every animal remained in its original genetic formation. In order to prove macro evolution, the evolving animal would have to produce offspring with NEW ADDITIONAL genetic information.

The fact is that 100% of all “proof” of evolution occurring is nothing more than certain features on animals making slight changes in shape or size, but staying the very same kind of animal. For example, fins don’t change into wings and then evolved into a bird.

The truth is that the percentage of current animals born with new, additional genetic information is 0.0%. It has never once, ever been observed. This lack of evidence stands in defiance to Macro- evolution. We can see that the evidence for Creation and the arguments against Evolution really do support a Biblical worldview.

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