The Top 10 Most Viewed Answers of 2023

Author: BibleAsk Team

From the millions of views gets from viewers, here are the top 10 most viewed questions and answers in 2023 on

#1 – What do frogs mean in the Bible?

#2 – How long did Jesus stay after His resurrection?

#3 – Was feeding of the 5,000/4,000 done with raw or cooked fish?

#4 – Did John the Baptist eat locusts?

#5 – When did God first allow people to eat meat?

#6 – What does the Latter Rain mean?

#7 – How many children did Adam and Eve have?

#8 – How did the twelve disciples die?

#9 – What are the heavenly books according to the Bible?

#10 – Why did John the Baptist wear camel’s hair?

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