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The Shemitah has become a very hot topic in the financial markets during 2015. The Shemitah is a mystery which the financial elite on Wall Street call it the “End of a Seven-Year Cycle.”  And these endings are historically disastrous.

There are financial signs that point that this September could change everything about the way we live and do our business. A Washington Examiner Article reported that 72 percent in a recent poll feared a financial collapse and those that reported were at the “highest level ever.”

The financial collapse is not a strange idea because the US has already 18 trillion in debt and the amount of debt and liabilities add to 95 trillion. So, the debt per person is 300,000 dollars or 1.2 million of Fed debt and liabilities per family. For this reason, Russia, China and other countries have been making trade agreements without using the collapsing US dollar.

So, how is the Shemitah tied to the financial market?

Jonathan Cahn author of the book “The Harbinger,” talked about the Shemitah in relation to 9/11 and the financial market. According to Cahn, the Shemitah is seventh year of the agriculture cycle mandated by the Torah. The Shemitah is also known when all debts are settled every seven years or it could be interpreted as the washing away of things.

Cahn suggested that the last 2 Shemitah’s occurred in 2001 and 2008 and both fell on days of major financial market collapses. The Last day of September 2001 fell on Sept 17 and that was the first day when the US stock markets opened up after 9/11. That day had the greatest one day market collapse point crash in US history. After that, the Dow fell 700 points or 7 % and it was a record that held for 7 years until the end of the next Shemitah year.

On September 29, 2008, the exact final day of the Shemitah, the Dow plunged 777 points which still today remains the greatest one day drop in stock market crash of all times.

The upcoming Shemitah will fall on September 13, 2015. And Cahn says that something should happen in 2016.

On the other hand, those that disagree with Cahn believe that God will not use the Jewish calendar or the Shemitah for His end timeline because as the nation of Israel crucified Christ, God canceled their system of ceremonies and transferred His promises to spiritual Israel instead which is made up of those that accept Christ.

But one thing is certain that the US economy found itself in an irreversible trouble.  And the world is anticipating a great shaking. So, what global events are coming together to prepare for the upcoming financial crash?

-On September 15, the United Nations opens the 70th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 70).  In NY City, world leaders from around the world will be attending what they call the Jubilee session.

Some of the biggest names on the planet will be speaking in this summit including Pope Francis. The focus of this plan is to expand the scope of global governess or a ONE WORD GOVERNMENT or a NEW WORD ORDER.

-September 15, 24: The Pope will be pushing climate change when he will be speaking to the Congress as well as the United Nations in an effort to gain world leadership.

-Sept 25-27: The United Nations plans to launch a brand new plan for managing the entire globe at the Sustainable Development Summit. And for those wishing to expand the scope of “global governance”, sustainable development is the perfect umbrella because almost all human activity affects the environment in some way.

It is very interesting that the Pope is taking a major role in world events which was already predicted in Bible prophecy in the books of Daniel and Revelation. As the economy collapses and strife and upheaval explode, there will arise a need for a power that appears peaceful to help unite the world under a one world movement.  The  papal power would seem innocent at the beginning but will finally act as a dragon and a beast.

Economic collapse will shake the nation and in order to establish control, the US government will enforce the Executive Orders which will cause the citizens to lose the freedoms they once enjoyed.

The Bible predicted that the Papacy or the Antichrist will unite with the US government to form a one world government (Revelation 13). Then, the United States will lead the nations of the world in making civil religious laws (Sunday Law) forcing worship of, and allegiance to, the papal Antichrist. And America will become a persecuting power that will force people to go against their conscience, exactly as the Papacy did during the dark ages. History will repeat itself.

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