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As if the idea that a devastating earthquake could hit California at anytime wasn’t terrifying enough, there’s now a movie that came out that brings that possibility to life. San Andreas is a 2015 adventure and disaster movie. In it, the infamous San Andreas Fault triggers a magnitude 9 earthquake in California and creates a massive havoc in the city and destroys everything. The film’s effects are horrifying and leave the viewers breathless thinking could this really happen to California? Is this a warning?

Interestingly, a panel of prophetic ministers met at the Morning Star Advanced Prophetic Ministry Conference in February, 2013, and shared what the Lord had shown them, regarding a major earthquake coming on the west coast of the United States from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA. The misters include Rick Joyner, Rick Joyner and Paul Keith Davis.

Experts say that the happening of the San Andreas fault  is not a matter of “if” but “when”.  The West coast will be rocked by an enormous earthquake! University of Washington seismologist Bill Steele adds that hidden under the Pacific Ocean is a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off.

Since 1900, the growth in major earthquakes has been relentless. From 1900 to 1949 it averaged three major quakes per decade. From 1949 the increase became awesome with 9 killer quakes in the 1950’s; 13 in the 60’s; 56 in the 1970’s and an amazing 74 major quakes in the 1980’s. In the 1990’s over 100 major killer quakes (source U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Report, Boulder, Colorado). The magnitude 9.1 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake of 2004 was one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded, triggering a tsunami that killed over 200,000 people.

The first quarter of 2010 saw three major earthquakes: The Haiti Earthquake: 7.0 magnitude, the China Earthquake: 8.6 magnitude and the Chile Earthquake: 8.8 magnitude. Just recently, following the second major earthquake that hit Nepal on 12 May, 2015, some scientists believe we could be seeing a seismically active period which began in 2004 and could stretch to around 2019.

These series of disasters point that severe earthquakes are increasing which lead us to recall Jesus’ end time prophetic signs. Jesus warned In Matthew 24:6-8 and Mark 13:7-8, that just prior to His return the world would undergo a period of cataclysmic contractions that he likened to the birth pains of a woman “You will hear or wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains” (Matthew 24:6-8).

Christ proclaimed that the last days would be characterized by powerful prophetic events that will hit humanity with increased frequency and increased intensity, just like the birth contractions before a baby is born.

Are you ready?

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