The Proof of Love

Have you ever thought that the very fact that God sent His Son to pay the penalty for our sins is evidence that His Word CANNOT be broken?

God made a covenant with mankind which required our sin debt to be covered by blood. Jesus came to pay our sin debt. If God’s Word could have been broken Jesus did not have to die.

If God subjected His son to death just to keep His Word, does that give us the permission to break His Word?

Well, some Christians today teach that we are free from God’s Law.

Let’s suppose I was stopped by a policeman for speeding, and I pleaded for mercy. Graciously, the police man responded “All right, I’m going to pardon you this time but I don’t want to ever catch you speeding again.” Does this pardon or grace open the way for me to disobey the law? Of course not! On the contrary it doubles my obligation to obey the law. Why, then, should any true Christian try to rationalize his way out of obeying the law of God?

Here is the proof of love: Jesus said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” John 14:15.

When you love someone it’s easy to do what they want not out of a burden but out of pleasure. If we love God, keeping His commandments becomes our delight. When we give our hearts to the Lord, He pours out His love in our hearts and doing His will becomes natural and easy.

This is the miracle of love and grace. God does the work in us.


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