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By OliviasOutlook

Michael Hoskin fell in love with a beautiful woman before a devastating accident destroyed her lovely appearance. In 2011, a freak accident during an ultramarathon through the Australian Outback, left 65 percent of Turia’s body covered in extreme burns.

During her hospitalization, Michael bought an engagement ring, and promised himself, “If she lives, I’ll marry her.” Turia spent the next two years in the hospital having extensive reconstructive surgeries, and intense physiotherapy. She even wore a compression mask designed to smooth scars and promote healing.

Throughout her medical journey, Michael took on the role of being Turia’s full-time caretaker giving her hope, courage, and love. Even though she no longer looks like the woman he fell in love with, Michael had bigger reasons than beauty for staying with her. He loved who she was.

In July of 2015, Michael proposed to Turia in the Maldives. They got married in 2016. And in June 2017, the couple announced the exciting news of their pregnancy on 60 minutes Australia. Parenting is a big responsibility. Turia said of being a mother, “not every woman in the world gets to experience this. I’m still here and I get to do this journey with my best friend.”

Through several interviews with a focus on her survival, love, trials and beauty, Turia has made one thing clear: Michael’s unwavering love for her, despite the way she looks now, is what saved her life after the devastating tragedy.

Turia’s story resembles the human race that was created perfectly but the devil destroyed its beauty. But God in utter compassion, loved us regardless of our hopeless and devastated condition. He left heaven, suffered untold pain, and finally gave His life on the cross to redeem us back to Him.

There is no greater love than this.

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