Shouldn’t the lineage in Matthew be from Mary?

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Hey, another one from Athena. She’s asking, I think the gats from David to Joseph are in Matthew. Correct me if I’m wrong. Why does it follow the lineage through Joseph? If Joseph is not Jesus’s biological father, doesn’t it follow the lineage of Mary instead?

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I love this question because I think this definitely does rock the boat for a lot of people when they first encountered this issue. So I’m looking forward to your answer. Tina.

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Oh, praise God. I love this question too, to be honest, because I’m very into the beaches. I think they’re really interesting and I think they’re really important. And I think it’s really important especially because this is one of the key points that points to Jesus as the Messiah. And you’re going to see it shook a lot of feathers too in his lifetime. So it’s pretty cool. And I’ll try to say as concisely as possible, but basically we know from the Old Testament that Jesus was david was given a promise that he would have basically from his seed, have the Son of God, the Messiah, come from his lineage. We see that, as far as I understand second Samuel, chapter seven, verses twelve through 16, we kind of see that basically God promises that he will establish a kingdom through the seat of David, and we know that the true kingdom is that of Jesus Christ. Now, when it comes to these two bigots that happen in the New Testament, one is in the Book of Matthew and one is in the Book of Luke. And in the Book of Luke, chapter three, verses 23 to 38, most theologians agree that that’s the lineage of Mary, basically pointing that Mary was also in fact of the lineage of the seed of David.

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Now, why is it so important that Joseph, his lineage also be mentioned in the New Testament? And this is what I honestly believe, is that Joseph, even though he was the adopted father, even though he had no blood line to Jesus, he was his basically, like, I don’t want to say father in law, stepdad kind of on earth. He was adopted father on Earth. Obviously, I want to be very respectful to the Heavenly Father who is our only father, but basically Joseph had a very important role to play in that he fathered Jesus while he was on earth. And that’s why I think in Matthew, chapter one, we see from the beginning to verse, I think it’s 17. And so after this, just a few verses later, it’s very interesting. In verse 20, the angel says something very interesting to Joseph. And he says, basically Joseph finds out that he was going to that Mary was pregnant. And Mary was saying, look, this is the Messiah. And I’m sure he was like, you’re pregnant and we’re not married yet. How did this happen? But Joseph was a very righteous man and I have so much respect for him for what he did.

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And so basically in verse 19, Joseph says he didn’t want to make a public example, he didn’t want to punish her and he was going to put her away privately. But in verse 20 it says something very important. So Matthew one verse 20 says but while he saw on these things, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying Joseph, thou Son of David. So very clear, Joseph was definitely of the Son of David, of his lineage. Fear not to take thee, married thy wife for that which is conceived in hers of the Holy Ghost. So the angel gives him that assurance, hey, she’s not lying to you. Definitely the child that’s in her womb is from God. It’s from divine origin. And so Joseph had a role to play in Mary and bringing up Jesus as His Son on earth. And so why is that important as far as Jesus having both his mother and father being of the seat of David? I think it’s just to make it very clear. And I think one other reason is that especially I think during Jesus’time most people were recognized by the lineage of their Father much more than that of their mother.

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And so it would have maybe put some doubt in people’s minds if his adoptive father, of course, wasn’t even of the line of David. I think that was just something to make it very sure that Jesus was indeed of the lineage of David. And I think most people who were in his time recognize that. And we see that actually throughout the Book of Matthew. But I think one instance is very clear in Matthew chapter 21 and verse nine, this is when Jesus is coming into Jerusalem. And it says the multitudes that went before and that followed crying hosanna to the Son of David. Blessed he that comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest. So everybody knew based on who his father was, Joseph, that he was indeed the Son of David. And that was really important because everybody knew that the Messiah would come through David’s line. And so the fact that his dad, earthly dad, Joseph, was of the Son of David, that pointed to Him as Messiah. And everybody could take that as an assurance that Jesus was indeed the Son of God, that he was indeed who he said he was, in addition to the fact that even his mother Mary was also of that lineage, although that might not have been as substantial to people in that time, although it’s substantial to us today.

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And if you keep going in that chapter, what I think is even more interesting is that after this happened, it says that as soon as basically people were saying, oh, Jesus, Son of David, it says that the Pharisees were displeased with it because they hated the fact that I think they knew Jesus was who he said he was. They just couldn’t take it that he was not what they wanted him to be or they weren’t doing what they wanted. They were full of self. Anyway, again, I think it’s really important because Jesus being the son of David again is just a sign that or one of many signs that Jesus was in fact the son of God. And I think it’s also important when you look at you see this even Paul reiterates this in Romans chapter one and verse three, he says concerning his son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh. And then he goes on to say other things about Jesus. So Paul reiterates hey, Jesus is of the son of David and that was true by the flesh through his mother and by adoption in his earthly father.

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There is no question, no doubt that Jesus was definitely of the son of David in every aspect. And that’s why I think God not only selected Mary specifically, but also Joseph specifically. So I hope that helps you as far as maybe understanding why both Joseph’s lineage and Mary’s lineage are mentioned in the New Testament. And I just hope and pray that that reaffirms your faith that Jesus is absolutely who he says he is. He is the son of David. He is the Messiah. He is the Son of God. He is our King. So anyways, I hope that is a good enough answer for you, Jay or Wendy. Any other thoughts on that?

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Yeah, and I think what you said that was to remove any doubt, any questions. That was probably the best thing for what God did. Just two lines, no questions asked. It’s totally of the lineage of David. Amen.

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