Should we keep the Holy Convocations?


Thank you for your question Francois. It is a lot of details, but I appreciate the details because it helps understand kind of more of your thinking where you’re coming from.
So, before I directly answer your question I want to speak about the premise that it seems to be based on so I don’t know this but from your question it seems like you believe that we are still required to observe the feasts of the Lord and that’s actually Biblically not true
so I’m gonna briefly explain why that is so we’ll use the example that you did of the festival of the unleavened bread so the feast or the festival of unleavened bread was closely related to Passover and just a few details about it our had to begun in Jerusalem had to be done the sanctuary had to be done on the right day
it was tagged to Israelite agriculture those restricted to genetic Jews and you probably knew those things which is where your question came from like if all these things are requirements then how in the world are we supposed to do this and another key aspect of this festival and the all the feasts of the Lord they were dependent upon the sanctuary which was the place where we had the sack the sacrifices which is which was required before Jesus died for our sins so you had to sacrifice certain animals and do certain things with its blood and it was very very involved in the sanctuary of God but when Jesus came and died for us he was the perfect sacrifice and Hebrews not intended especially he talks about this that Jesus died once for all and no one there’s no more need for any sacrifices that Jesus was the fulfillment of a shadow of things to come as hasn’t Colossians that he was perfect for an imperfect
system and it goes on and on and on about this and even Hebrews 10:4 the author admits it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins so all of these feasts and these festivals were pointing towards the Messiah of we’re doing these sacrifices because Jesus is going to come well they don’t know Jesus’s name but the Messiah is going to come and we’re pointing towards the Messiah we can’t wait for the Messiah and then the Messiah came and Jesus took care of all the
sacrifices and he was the fulfillment of all of these patterns and all these parables so now that Jesus the
fulfillment all of those things your question can be rephrased as almost how can we celebrate something that has already been fulfilled so it’s not as it doesn’t really exist anymore because well how can we and you’re put your question kind of points to that how can we celebrate this when it’s been fulfilled so going into your original question let’s say you still want to celebrate this festival not because of salvific
because it’s not but because you just want to just something you want to do how to celebrate that is a difficult question because you kind of have to recreate the whole festival in your own way we don’t we’re not gonna go to Jerusalem okay we don’t need sacrifices anymore okay we don’t sanctuary we’re not waiting for the Messiah’s first coming so what are we what are we supposed to do it’s it’s like you have to recreate and man make the festival from the ground up and then what’s the point because it’s no longer from God it’s from our own imaginations so there are ways that we can have a memorial for what Jesus has done for us and there’s ways we can celebrate it but it’s no longer what we find in these festivals because Jesus has fulfilled all of it my best suggestion in this kind of case would actually be to celebrate the Lord’s Supper when Jesus gave His gave the fruit of the vine as a symbol of his blood and gave bread as a symbol of his body this is one of the most beautiful ways we can have a memorial for what Jesus has done for us and this is what we can do as Christians not trying to recreate but
that Jesus already given us to remember him until we get to celebrate the Lord supper with him again in heaven amen very good and just to add on to that you know that it specifically says in the Old Testament that the feast of
unleavened bread was an ordinance not like the Ten Commandments it was an ordinance and we know from Colossians 2:14 that the ordinance is hand written by Moses not the ten commandments but those hand written ordinances were nailed to the cross.

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