How does the Second Law of Thermodynamics Prove God’s existence?


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Second Law of Thermodynamics

All physical, biological and chemical processes are subject to the laws of thermodynamics. The second law of thermodynamics states: “Every system, left to its own devices, always tends to move from order to disorder, its energy tending to be transformed into lower levels of availability (for work), ultimately becoming totally random and unavailable for work.”

There is a natural tendency towards disintegration and chaos in the universe. In other words, in any closed system, the amount of disorder always increases with time. A simple illustration would be that of a cup of tea that cools off in an insulated room. Energy is not lost, it is transferred in the form of heat from the hot tea to the cool air. The closed system (consisting of the room and the tea) has undergone a “heat death.” There is no more available energy. And the second law says that the reverse cannot happen!

In the universe’s giant closed system, stars that are hot are cooling down, losing energy into space. The Universe is running out of usable energy going towards disorder and chaos. This principle is known as entropy. Since energy is continually changing from available to unavailable energy, someone had to give it available energy in the beginning! This someone must not be bound by the second law of thermodynamics. He is outside this closed system. Thus, only the Creator of the second law of thermodynamics could violate the second law of thermodynamics, and create energy in a state of availability. It should be noted that science examines only what occurs in nature, not super-nature.

The evolution theory claims that every physical system is the result of a spontaneous process of assembly. Such progression would be in complete violation of the second law of thermodynamics that says things tend to move to disorder where entropy is increasing, and thus natural processes must be breaking down, not evolving. Therefore, the most reasonable explanation of the second law of thermodynamics is creation.

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