Has science disproved the miracles of Jesus?


By BibleAsk Team

Science has not disproved the miracles of Jesus. The scientific method is useful for studying nature but not miracles or supernatural events. Science depends upon observation and replication and no one can replicate the supernatural in a laboratory. God is outside and above the natural laws and is not bound by them because He designed them. When using the supernatural, God can, has, and will transcend the laws of nature to accomplish His purposes in the world.

We can believe the miracles of Jesus for these reasons:

1-Many witnesses were still alive when the records were published. One highly pertinent factor is the brief time that elapsed between Jesus’ miraculous public ministry and the publication of the gospels. Many eyewitnesses to Jesus’ miracles would have still been alive to refute any untrue miracle accounts (1 Corinthians 15:6).

2-Those that told of the miracles of Jesus were willing to die for the truth. These men had noble character and their reputation was clean (Peter, James, and John, for example). These men were willing to give up their lives rather than deny their beliefs. In fact, most of the disciples were martyred for their faith.

3-Hostile witnesses to the miracles of Jesus provided no dispute. When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, for example, none of the chief priests or Pharisees disputed the miracle (John 11:45-48). If they could have disputed it, they would have. Because there were so many hostile witnesses who observed and scrutinized Christ, successful “fabrication” of miracle stories in His ministry would have been impossible.

4-The book of Acts is the recorded history of the early church. They are actual events that took place in Rome. Paul in Acts 26:24-31 is stating in a court of Law that King Agrippa knows these things are true (concerning Jesus’ death, resurrection, and all the things that had been miraculously happening). Paul said these things were not done in a corner, but in the open, and King Agrippa was an eye-witness to these accounts.

5-Historically, the miracles of Jesus are better attested than many other ancient truths we hold true today. If we are going to doubt the miracles of Jesus which are better attested than most historical happenings even a 1000 years later, then we should be casting the same doubt on most of history.

6-The miracles of Jesus changed evil men into saints. This is the biggest proof that divine power was the source of these miracles.

In His service,
BibleAsk Team

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