Saving the family unit – Mission Impossible?


By Natalie

Today in 2012, the expectations and pressures on women are above and beyond what they used to be say 100, 50, or even 25 years ago. Originally, based on religion or tradition or whatever you want to call past time beliefs, women were home-makers. They raised children, took care of the family. But now, in addition to that unfortunately underestimated biological role, women are expected to be equal to men in terms of strength and career accomplishments. What has this done to the family unit?

Now as a heads up, I am not going to address the issues related to women being once considered as unequal to men and that is why they had to unite for the right to vote and hold positions in government etc. I understand that women were once discriminated against, but we are long past that. Now, we have different issues to be aware of.

These issues revolve around the fact that women are the glue of the family. I believe that society has reached the level of crime, immorality, and social degradation because of the breakdown of the family unit. Having already stated that women are the glue of the family, this is not to say that I am blaming women for the breakdown of society… NO. I am merely going to state some facts from a certain perspective so that the women and men reading it might be prepared for a much needed revolution – saving the family unit.

Being part of a family is not an easy task, it is taken for granted. Raising children might be the most difficult thing one can undertake because you are shaping society by doing so, potentially the one thing that has long term effects that influence the world. There are so many intricate details that should be addressed here because human beings have feelings, it makes us who we are, and it might just all come down to sex. Because sex out of marriage is now commonly accepted, the family unit has been broken. Because the family unit has been broken, society in terms of morality and ethics, is crumbling. For those holding on to principle, and who decide to get officially married, the woman is expected to have had an education, and rightly so, but is also expected to have a successful career, be equal to the man. While women have every capacity to do so, no human being can successfully raise children and maintain a successful career. There are few people who have done it, mostly women, and they are the superheros, but how many of us can do that?

To have a family and have a successful career is different from having a successful family and having a career. One aspect has to give-in to the other, and I strongly encourage that more attention and care be put into raising the family than the career. Facts: women can have a career, and be just as good and even better than men in occupation, skill, and intellect. Men can raise children as well, show affection and care, love and tenderness. But in order for a family to be successful, either both the father and the mother should be doing things equally (devoting as much attention to family as to work and one way to do so is to measure hours put into each), or one of the spouses should be the bread winner and the other spouse be the glue of the family. Which spouse should be doing which is up to that family, but society should not undermine being a home maker.

Traditionally, it is the woman who is the homemaker. But it is not easy to be a homemaker now a days given the pressures of making the most of ones education, career, and then keeping the family united. By united I mean raising the children to be respectful citizens of society and providing the care and attention that men need to stay focused on the family. The key is that in order for a woman to be able to do all that, she needs to feel loved and cared for. Therefore, “Husbands love your wives, even as Christ loved the church, and gave himself for it.” Ephesians 5:25. This puts equal emphases on both genders, and after all, equality is what we’re looking for, right?

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