Is there a reference in the Bible to the life of Jesus from childhood-30 years old?

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The Bible gives references to Jesus‘ early childhood. His birth, was recorded in two Gospels. The story starts with an angel predicting His virgin birth to Mary and to Joseph. And that He was circumcised on the eighth day following Jewish custom. About 40 days after His birth, His parents traveled to Jerusalem for purification rites (Luke 2:23). There they met with Simeon and Anna.

The Bible also records the story of the Wise men who visited Jesus in in Bethlehem. And tells of how Joseph was warned in a dream to take the family and flee to Egypt because Herod planned to kill Jesus. After Herod‘s death, the family was told by God to go back to their hometown of Nazareth (during the reign of Archelaus between 4 B.C. to 6 A.D.).

At the age of twelve, Jesus went with His family to the temple and stayed behind for three days discussing the Law with the religious teachers. And Luke 2:52 summarizes His early life by stating, “Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.”

The Bible is then silent on the life of Jesus after the age of twelve in Nazareth to about the age of thirty or His early thirties when He began His public ministry. This is because the prophetic significance of His life in relation to the plan of salvation did not begin until He was baptized by John the Baptist and thus entered His ministry.

We are blessed to have four Gospels report on the main aspects of Christ’s early life, as well as His crucial teachings and the information concerning His death and resurrection.

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