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Where is the exact location of Mount Sinai?

Mount Sinai

Modern scholars differ as to the exact geographical location of Mount Sinai.  But the Bible says that Sinai may be located in Arabia and not in Egypt. Keep in mind that God’s Word does not state the exact location of Arabia and Midian in Bible times. The Sinai Peninsula location was accepted as tradition when it was decreed in the 300’s by Helena, Constantine 1’s mother.

Here are some of the Bible references that point that the location of Sinai is in ancient Arabia and not in Egypt:

1-Exodus 2:15 tells us that Moses fled out of Egypt after killing an Egyptian. “When Pharaoh heard of this, he tried to kill Moses, but Moses fled from Pharaoh and went to live in Midian.”

2-Exodus 3:1 shows that Mount Horeb (Sinai) to be in Midian. “Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian. And he led the flock to the back of the desert, and came to Horeb, the mountain of God.”

3-Exodus 4:19, tells us also that Median is outside of Egypt. “Now the Lord had said to Moses in Midian, ‘Go back to Egypt, for all the men who wanted to kill you are dead.’” Here, Moses returns to Egypt from Midian.

4-Deuteronomy 1:6 shows that the Ten Commandments were given at Mount Horeb which is in Midian outside Egypt. “The LORD our God said to us at Horeb, “You have stayed long enough at this mountain.” “Sinai” and “Horeb” are generally considered to refer to the same place.

5-But the most interesting clue about the location of Mount Sinai was given by Paul. Galatians 4:25 says, “Now Hagar stands for Mount Sinai in Arabia” Here, Paul asserts that Sinai was in Arabia. The land of Arabia was a known nation with kings that are mentioned in the Old Testament (1 Kings 10:15; 2 Chronicles 9:14; Isaiah 21:13; Jeremiah 25:24; Ezekiel 27:21).

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